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Xtraman Fundraising – Do You Need a Permit to Hold a Fundraiser

If you are researching do you need a permit to hold a fundraiser, this article will provide a comprehensive answer to your question. A majority of the states do regulate fundraising to guard the corporations, public and any other potential donors from the dishonest solicitation. Charitable organizations are required to register with the state and their individual fundraising professionals with a license before a fundraiser is conducted. Xtraman Fundraising Cards, a companies that fundraises nationals says that these laws and regulations differ from state to state. Therefore, you need to fully understand rules that are applicable in your state of operations before your charity begins fundraising.

Do You Need a Permit to Hold a Fundraiser

Registration of Charitable Organizations

In several states, these charitable organizations are required by law to possess a license before asking for any donations. These charitable organizations can apply for a license by availing all the details about the organization like its officers, the names of its directors, operating budget and its purpose to the state. Based on the laws of the specific state, there may be exceptions for charities under fundraising for schools, football programs, churches, a certain budget or any other specific organization type. States ordinarily do impose a fee for charity registration.

Licensing of Professional Fundraisers

A professional fundraiser may be hired by a charitable organization to solicit funds. This professional may get involved in the provision of different services including making direct solicitations for donations, managing donations or planning events. Usually, a licensed professional fundraiser must possess a license granted by the state before getting paid to undertake these services for a charity. Just like the organization, a professional fundraiser is required to make an application to the state with registration fee and the personal information. Xtraman Fundraising - Do You Need a Permit to Hold a Fundraiser

Additionally, some states the professional fundraiser are required to reveal to the potential donors are licensed and getting paid by the charity to solicit donations.


In many states, both the registered charities and the licensed professionals are required to file reports with the state on an annual basis. Usually, the report has to include financial information like the recently filed tax returns. Also, a professional fundraiser may be required by the state to reveal how much they collected for a particular charity and the income received from the organization as well.


In the event that a charitable organization or a fundraising professional fails to register properly before money collection from the public, some penalties that include jail term or even fines may be imposed by the state. Some states base on the number of individuals contacted for donations to assess a penalty fee. The charity may even be ordered by the state to return any donations received. Additionally, if the state discovers that an organization or individual intended to defraud or deceive a charity or individual, longer imprisonment and bigger fines are more likely.


So, do you need a permit to hold a fundraiser? While the rules vary state-by-state, the short answer is yes. It is a requirement that the charitable organization has to be registered, and the professional fundraisers licensed for any solicitation of donations to begin. All these requirements need to be adhered to, or penalties may be imposed by the state.

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