Wrongful Death Attorneys
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Wrongful Death Attorneys

Deaths due to accidents are more common than you may think. We just have to watch the evening news to see how many senseless deaths there are – all deaths where there was an element of carelessness and recklessness involved.

Many of us are also aware of deaths that occur because of misdiagnoses and medical malpractice. Small wonder that wrongful death attorneys have their hands full dealing with claims brought against the defendant who has caused someone’s death.

Wrongful cause of death

Wrongful cause of death includes many situations

These wrongful death claims are usually filed by a representative of the estate of the deceased victim. For instance, parents of children may bring a wrongful death action when one of their children is killed, or children can also get compensation when a parent is killed.

In fact, wrongful death can occur because of many different situations – where a person has died because of the fault of someone else. Typical examples are car- and motorcycle accidents, swimming pool accidents, medical malpractice and slip and fall cases.

A few things that must be proved

To recover damages because of the death of a loved one, the plaintiff must be able to prove that the loss of their family member was caused by the defendant’s actions, that the defendant was negligent, the person killed has surviving dependents and these dependents have suffered monetary damage because of the loss of their particular family member.

In California, wrongful death laws allow the surviving family members to file so as to receive compensation because of the wrongful death of their loved one.

Certainly, losing a family member because of the negligence of someone else can be massively traumatic and you will want to know if you have a valid wrongful death claim against the responsible person.

The right attorney can lead to significant compensation

Instead of going through the days in anger and frustration, speak with one of the experienced, compassionate personal injury attorneys at Timothy J. Ryan & Associates as they have a reputation for aggressive client advocacy and they offer free, confidential consultations.

Tim Ryan Wrongful Death Attorneys have decades of experience and in fact, for more than 30 years they have devoted their time to representing the rights of families who have lost loved ones because of the recklessness and carelessness of someone else.

Cases can take years to work through the court system and you dare not go it alone – you need an attorney that will shake up your case and get it moving.

You want dedication from your attorneys and you get nothing less from Timothy J. Ryan & Associates who invite you to call them and get your free consultation on the move and towards the peace and compensation you need.


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