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Writing A Law Assignment Literature Review

A literature review is a corrective written report on the present status of research on a particular subject. It situates each source in terms of its importance to the perception of the research area, hypothesis, or particular theory in consideration.

It identifies, puts in summary, examines, and affirms a report of information from the literature about a particular area of research. A literature review’s goal is to impart to readers developed knowledge and thoughts about a subject, as well as their pluses and minuses.

Your considerations

In your review, include additional details in the informative reference list when conducting a literature review. Take your time to read, examine, and interpret the research incorporated, but go far and beyond to discover and describe the literature in the area of study. In your review, follow this structure.



in the introduction, explain the type of research which has been done on the subject, demonstrate its relevance, and describe a recent study that raises questions about previous conclusions or disagreements in the field.

The conclusion of an intro is a thesis or objective statement that summarizes and evaluates the current state of the research area. It indicates how the review results would contribute to the suggested study.

The body

The body

The body of your review should display your level of law knowledge and may sometimes show how much you are interested in knowing labor laws and their application in a real situation.

Discuss your concise assessment of the existing level of knowledge. Break your assessment in titles and sub-titles and highlight the major concepts or subjects, important developments, and conclusions that researchers approve of or disapprove of.

Literature review for a law student

Literature review for a law student

Writing a law literature review assignment requires time to gather concrete evidence from different sources online, books, or the websites of law companies. The purpose of writing is to present your views about previously written literature. The assignment might prove difficult to the law student and the writing time might be too limited.

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The conclusion

In conclusion, summarize all of the proof and show its significance. Discuss the approach and the manner prior research links to your current research. If you’re writing an independent literature review, consider any realistic interpretations of your study, the consequences, and subsequent research opportunities.

The steps to follow

Because you want your literature review to be the best, choose a topic that you will love reviewing and one that will have as many strong points as possible. Once you have settled on a topic, begin your review and dwell on the relevant information only.

In your references, touch on recent research that will give weight to your review. Understand the sources to get the best information because you want your review to be free from doubts. The evidence should be well backed up with authentic sources.

Narrow down to the points that will be easy for you to understand and consider the time you have. Search specific articles or previously reviewed literature and take note of the researcher’s assumptions, methodology, what they found and concluded.

If any of their theories, findings or methodology is conflicting, take note in your review. Develop sub-topics from some of the influential theories, shared or conflicting findings from most researchers.

At this point, you may consider information from practicing law firms if they can be of any relevance to you. Many law firms might be willing to share information with a hardworking student.

Create your thesis statement, which summarizes your paper in a few sentences and highlights the main developments and trends in your paper. Your review should then be followed by headlines and sub-heads guided by your findings.

Following the right structure, discuss your findings/arguments in the review body and include every important detail. After you have covered every detail, edit your review and get rid of every error.


Many students fear doing literature reviews because it’s time-consuming and requires deep research. Law is dynamic and requires the application of general knowledge backed by the written law and previous judgments. The law student should therefore take advantage and learn ideas of law practice by reviewing past literature. The student should consider referring to several sources and study other reviews for inspiration on the content of review and structure. The literature review will always leave a student better.

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