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Wrist Pain After a Truck Accident

Many truck accident victims sustain wrist injuries. While you may want to trivialize a wrist injury, it can substantially affect a victim. For instance, a victim often suffers severe pain, loss of mobility, suffering, and inability to use their wrist. Ideally, a truck accident victim should seek medical attention immediately after the incident not to worsen the situation.

Possible Wrist Injuries in a Truck Accident

Common wrist injuries include dislocations, fractures, sprains, and ligament/tendon damage. A victim may also experience nerve damage in their wrist.

Semi-Truck Accidents Explained - Here Are 5 Things to Keep in Mind

You could worsen your situation and dim your chances of compensation if you fail to treat any injury from a truck crash. If you don’t have medical records of your injuries, it can be difficult to provide proof of your damages. You may also find it challenging to work or perform basic household chores if you fail to treat your injuries.

Steps to Take after Sustaining a Wrist Injury

You may not realize the extent of your injury immediately after a truck mishap due to the effects of adrenaline. It is even more dangerous if the person sustains an internal injury; some internal injuries are life-threatening if not attended to immediately. Hence, it is logical for an accident victim to seek medical attention immediately.

However, if you experience wrist injury or pain a few days or weeks after the incident, explore the following options:

Book an Appointment with an Orthopedic Physician

7 Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

Visit the nearest Urgent Care Facility or ER to determine the extent of internal or external injuries and the best treatment. However, meet with a specialist if the pain in the wrist continues or worsens. An orthopedic physician or surgeon is the best specialist to contact for wrist pains.

Some accident victims trivialize wrist pains because they hope the pain will vanish on its own. However, you must follow your physician’s treatment order to get the desired result. You should trust the healing process with an orthopedic physician because they have the experience and resources to hasten the healing.

If you need help locating an experienced and reputable orthopedic physician, ask for recommendations from your injury lawyer.

Document the Experience

Spend time collecting proof after a car or truck accident. For instance, you can take photos or videos of the scene, the vehicles involved, and the entire environment. Get the contact information of witnesses and other parties involved.

You can request the police report number before they leave the scene because it will help you quickly access the police report when you eventually need it.

Keep all receipts and medical records related to the crash. Having a notebook where you document all your pains, symptoms, and how the mishap has changed your life is also beneficial. Your lawyer will gather all these reports to prove that you deserve compensation.

Trucking Accident Compensation Lawyer

Hire a Reputable Truck Accident Lawyer

Contacting an experienced truck accident attorney should be one of your first steps immediately after a crash. “When you experience pain after a car accident, you need someone who understands,” says Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer David I. Fuchs.

Involving an attorney early in the case will allow them to gather incontrovertible evidence and conduct high-level investigations to help your case in court. However, if you wait too long, insurance firms may deny or undervalue your claims. A skilled lawyer will proactively prepare all the necessary papers and brighten your chances of getting compensation.

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