Top tips for general internet safety

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The modern life cannot be imagined without internet. Now, internet is not only a facility but it is a necessity because most of the businesses and jobs utilize internet as a mandatory part of their work. With the use of internet, the intensity of cyber crime has also been increased. One must be careful while using internet and stay safe against cyber crimes. This is really far easier than you think. Cleaning internet history As internet browsing leaves digital footprint on your device, you should take care of clearing the internet history. You should involve this activity in your habit to delete the browsing history frequently. When you share your computer with your friends or visit to cyber café, they people become aware of your actions in internet. So, you should take care to delete the website information whatever you use. Passwords protection Protecting your passwords is the utmost important thing you should take care of while using internet. You should never tell your passwords to anyone as this gives them access to your private accounts. Apart from protecting your passwords, you should take care of making strong passwords and also changing them time to time. try to prefer using two step verification process to log into any of your accounts. Also, remember to delete saved passwords by going to security settings in internet. Careful posting It is impossible to avoid posting online when you are using internet. So, you should be careful while posting your personal information online. You should remember that whatever you post online is available to be seen by anyone until and unless you select the option of availing the post to be seen by a selected audience. It’s better to avoid posting what you don’t want to be seen by a particular audience. ‘In private’ browsing In private browsing is the best option you can choose to hide from others that what you are browsing in internet. If you are using internet explorer as your browser, you can go to the taskbar and select ‘in private’ browsing. In the same way, you can go through the settings and select in private browsing to avoid others watching the websites browsed by you. Logging out Although, this is a very simple thing to understand but logging out every time from your account is very important. This will prevent others from getting access to your account. These are some important points to be remembered always about internet safety.
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