Top tips to stay mobile safe

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Use of mobile phone has become so common nowadays. People cannot even imagine their life without mobile phone. From the easiest way to communicate with relatives, friends and family members to searching important information in internet, scheduling daily tasks to entertainment, mobile phones play an important role in the daily life of modern people. Here are some important tips to stay mobile safe – Password and PIN The best thing you can do to avoid others from using your phone is setting password or PIN in your phone. This will keep your device secured from being accessed by others. You should not share your PIN with anyone. If it happens in any case, you should change your password. Even it’s better to change your PIN time to time to avoid unwanted access to your phone. Location service Modern smart phones come with in-built location tracker. If you don’t want anyone to track your location, you should disable the location tracker of your mobile phone. Similarly, you should turn off that location service in various apps of your phone which have been installed in the device. This will inhibit others from tracking your location. Changing the number Although, it seems weird but you should change your phone number if you get unknown and malicious calls. Although, the advance handsets come with an inbuilt application to block the numbers from which you don’t want calls still you can change the phone number if someone harasses you on phone from different numbers. You can contact with your smartphone provider for this purpose. Awareness about Spyware software Installing a spyware in your mobile phone is a very easy task. After installation, this spyware or tracking software becomes hidden in the phone and cannot be identified. But this software is so smart that it sends the detail of your calls and messages along with your location and information to the person who wants to track you means who had installed the spyware software in your phone. To stay safe on your mobile, you should be alert that nobody should install this software in your phone. Physical access The easiest thing you can do to keep your phone safe from being hacked or tracked is avoiding physical access from anyone. You should never leave your phone at the place where it can be physically accessed by anyone. Always remember, even your family member  or friend can plan to hack your phone and it just takes two minutes to install any tracking software in your phone. Now, you know well about the important things required to keep yourself mobile safe. Following these tips is enough to stay away from mobile phone hacking.
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