Worker's compensation law
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Worker’s Compensation Law: How Can You Get Justice?

Understanding worker’s compensation laws is critical to protecting your rights. Worker’s compensation is like a form of insurance for job situations that lead to permanent injury, medical expenses, and loss of wages.
To understand worker’s comp laws there are several questions that need to be answered. What exactly does the law say? How does one apply for benefits? How can you get justice after a situation arises? Who can you turn to for help?

Worker’s Compensation Law

The details of worker’s compensation laws might vary from state to state, but the basic premise remains the same: protection for employees who have been injured on the job due to employer negligence. The law typically allows for compensation for medical bills, long term care needs, and loss of wages, among other benefits.

Employer negligence is key in determining much of this. If your employer’s actions or policies created an unsafe work environment that resulted in an injury, you may qualify. The amount of compensation received depends on the type of injury or situation. You should contact a legal expert to learn all your options to get justice and medical treatment.

How To Apply

If your employer does not provide any insurance, one protection for high-risk employment environments getting your own liability insurance. This is a good idea if you are an independent contractor who works on large construction sites or in warehouses with lots of moving machinery. While this won’t prevent employer negligence, this provides credibility to you as a worker and could help in any settlement claims down the road.

To apply for worker’s comp insurance, first, see if your employer provides any. If not, look for commercial insurance careers in your state.

If you are a federal employee you may already be covered. Postal workers might be able to apply for special coverage through the Federal Employment Compensation Act (FECA). Railroad or maritime workers may be covered for all injuries under the Federal Employment Liability Act or Merchant Marine Act, respectively. The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) provides benefits for longshoremen and harbor workers.

The best way to know your options and properly file any worker’s comp application is to consult a legal expert in the field.

Where To Get Help

All injuries or illnesses must be reported to your employer within a certain time frame using a special form or else you may lose all benefits. If you have already been injured while on the job, contact legal counsel immediately. One example of where to start is Martin Law. They specialize in defending injured worker compensation claims in Pennsylvania. Their website also has a host of resources related to settlements and the type of claims you can file.

Contacting a legal expert could help speed up the paperwork process and help increase settlement claims.

Get Justice

If you believe you’ve been injured through your employer’s neglect to provide a safe work environment, seek out legal help, and get justice.

You do not have to go it alone or suffer through your situation. There are lawyers who devote their entire careers to this field, so you will have plenty of help along the way. All it takes is the first step to learn about worker’s compensation laws and where to find a lawyer in your area.

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