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A Battle of Wills: Win Your Personal Injury Case by Following These 5 Steps

Maryland has its share of personal injury cases. They include injuries sustained in car accidents, of course. But, personal injuries also arise from slip and fall accidents, cycling incidents, or negligence on public or private property.

Costs are in the millions. BIC Magazine says, “the average cost for a slip, trip or fall injury is $20,000, while the cost to defend a slip or fall claim is $50,000.” The injured pay. The defendants pay. And, society pays as we try to restore the injured parties to their best lifestyle.

When the injury involves the injured party and a party at fault, you will see a battle of wills to determine what the injured party is owed as fair compensation for the pain and suffering endured.

Win your personal injury case by following these five steps:

1. Keep good records! Every personal injury case does not make it to court. Both sides should make every effort to avoid lengthy and expensive litigation. But, you still need evidence to optimize your position.

You need records on two tracks: (1) evidence that proves fault, and (2) evidence of what the injury has cost you. So, you should collect all the record, receipts, and reports you can.

2. Do what you’re told! You must do what doctors and medical advisors tell you. You must keep appointments, cooperate with the pharmaceutical regimen, attend physical therapy sessions, and record your cooperation in a journal.

You are also often under observation. If you’ve made a claim of personal injury, you give up a reasonable expectation of privacy. For example, you don’t want to appear on social media discussing your injury.

3. Stay honest! You may find yourself pressed by family and friends to expand your claim. But, details have a way of tripping you up when you exaggerate your claim. To protect your own interests, you should be as detailed as possible—and stick to the story.

You do have a right to the full and fair compensation to make you whole. So, you should keep tabs on your pain, family costs, and emotional pain. Keeping a chart or log keeps you straight on track and covers every angle.

4. Pace yourself! The person who caused or contributed to your injury may be anxious to close. They may offer to resolve the problem just after it happens offering cash rather than seeing it go to the insurance company or court.

Losing work often pushes victims to accept early settlement offers. Insurance companies and defendants feel time is on their side. It’s your decision, of course, but early offers are rarely full and fair compensation.

5. Get a lawyer fast! You cannot navigate the waters of personal injury law and settlements alone. When you suffer a personal injury, you need professional advice early. The recommendation is you find your personal injury lawyer now and carry his/her contact information in your wallet.

Find one when things are good and travel with the name and phone number for a proven successful personal injury lawyer.

A battle of wills

April 2018’s The Baltimore Sun reports, “Roadway deaths in Maryland have increased for three years in a row, following decades of steady declines.” And, you can find similar reports on other types of accidents. Considering the negative personal implications, you want to name your personal injury lawyer of-choice early.


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