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Win Big Against Truck Drivers With Little Rock Truck Accident Lawyers

You’d be surprised to hear that there are over half a million accidents caused by semi-trucks across the United States with almost 5,000 of those accidents resulting in death. The statistics are pretty mind-bending if you’re a worried citizen walking the streets of Arkansas. If you’ve been a victim of a trucking accident or know someone who is and is looking for help, a Little Rock truck accident lawyer will help you in proving that the driver and the trucking company are at fault so that you are compensated for the damages caused to you.

Semi-trucks are huge motor machines that can cause serious injuries and even death in case of accidents. Many of the semi-trucks are owned by huge corporations and backed by insurance companies who will approach you and pressurize you to avoid filing a lawsuit. However, with our experts backing you and your case, you don’t have to worry about anything.

How Little Rock truck accident lawyers use a research-based approach to win your case?

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To hold the driver and company responsible, Little Rock’s team of lawyers will have to prove that the driver had a duty of care that they failed to meet resulting in injuries caused to the victims. Using a series of research-based approach methods to find evidence to indict the driver and the company behind the semi-truck, Little Rock ensures that you are paid your fair share of compensation.

Black boxes and satellite communication systems

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The law firm will try to get hold of these two main devices that have data about the driver’s driving habits. Gaining access to such data helps them determine whether the driver was overspeeding or is not susceptible to braking or any other valuable information. Such information can be checked against the driver’s logbook to determine its accuracy.

Recreating the accident

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The firm has experts that will go to the site of the accident and use all visual information like skid marks and other valuable clues to recreate the accident. This must be done immediately before the trucking company can disappear the clues.

Phone call records

It is important to find out whether or not the trucking driver was on a phone call. Texting or talking on the phone while driving is illegal in the United States and there are severe consequences for it. So if your driver is found to be talking on the phone while the accident took place, your case automatically becomes very strong. However, phone call records can be destroyed and therefore the law firm must get to it first before the trucking company does.

Guide you

This is just as important as the other steps, however, this step depends on you. Little Rock truck accident lawyers will guide you on how to deal with trucking companies as their insurance team will get in touch with you to get as much information as they can get. The insurance team will also go through your social media platforms to find out about you and your life. The law firm will guide you on how to deal with such situations as to not give out any information that may jeopardize the chances of winning the case. Insurance companies are shrewd people however, Little Rock’s lawyers will make sure they stand by you every step of the way.

Contact Little Rock truck accident lawyers now to help you deal with mega-corporations and negligent drivers so that whatever happened with you doesn’t happen with anyone else.

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