Hire a White-Collar Crime Lawyer
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When And Why You Should Hire A White-Collar Crime Lawyer?

Contrary to the popular misconception that states that white-collar crimes are steadily on the rise due to cellular and social networks having access to financial information, the recent information from the United States Justice Department declares that white-collar crimes are actually diminishing. With the spread of technology and accessibility of personal information, people are getting simultaneously more aware of such crimes and their consequences. Therefore, the US Justice Department has suggested a decline in white-collar crimes.

In white-collar crimes committed by business individuals and government professionals, the term “white collar” denotes a financial motive in the crime. Although these crimes are not victimless in all situations, they are nonviolent. White-collar crimes usually include telemarketing theft, federal frauds, profit-motivated arson, identity theft, money embezzlement, and more. In 2016, the rate of white-collar crimes decreased by 16.7 percent, as compared to the rate in 2011.

This information might allow you to relax for a bit if you are in a business that attracts such allegations, but the truth is, you can never be relaxed enough. That lands us on our topic, when and why exactly should you hire a white-collar crime attorney for your business.

When Should You Hire A White-Collar Crime Lawyer?

Look for an employment lawyer

Troubling situations don’t give you a heads up before barging into your life. No matter how much prepared you are, you can never be ready enough with all the answers if someone takes you into an interrogation room. If you encounter a situation where your colleagues or associates are being interviewed or investigated and seem to be sitting on the information regarding criminal activities, you might think that it’s the right time to get a white-collar crime lawyer for yourself.

The truth is, no matter what, it is never too early to have an attorney on your side. In fact, when you are doing a business that has a chance of attracting investigations, it is advised that you run your business based on the counsel of an experienced white-collar crime attorney. Why wait for the problem to occur to hire a lawyer? Hire a white-collar crime lawyer at first so the problem doesn’t even occur, and if it does, the lawyer will know how to make it go away and how to be ready for an even bigger problem in the future.

The sooner you have an experienced white-collar crime attorney in your team, the better chances you have to avoid conviction.

Why You Should Hire A White-Collar Crime Lawyer?

an attorney

There are multiple reasons why you should always have an attorney by your side. One thing is for sure, the experienced white-collar crime attorney knows way more about white-collar crimes than you or any of your colleagues, and if they know more about you, they definitely know how to avoid conviction.

Apart from that, when there is an attorney by your side, you are represented by someone knowledgeable who is capable of fighting for your cause, no matter who you are standing against.

An Attorney Will Speak On Your Behalf And Prepare You For What To Say

One of the main advantages of having an attorney is that you don’t have to say anything at all in the investigations. The attorney will speak, and they will answer all of the questions on your behalf. What happens in the investigation is that they speak to the person (or suspect) before making arrests. They collect information to learn more about what actually happened and who is responsible. Investigators have a chain of questions at hand they are ready to fire at you, and your answers will definitely add more questions to the conversation. Not to mention, if you say one wrong thing, it will start a new chain of investigation, and you will be the center of the pickle. Therefore, it is better if you don’t answer at all, and let the attorney handle the matter.

For the best chance at an effective defense, you might want to seek a highly qualified specialist. Attorneys like Lon R. Leavitt (who specializes in false claims/whistleblower law and once worked as an Assistant United States Attorney) can mount a powerful and worthwhile defense. With an ability to create efficient, effective strategies for both defense and investigation, seasoned attorneys end up being a good bet because of their knowledge, good track record, and uncanny ability to help a variety of cases.

The attorney will not only speak on your behalf in investigations and tell you what to say or what not to say, but if the matters go to court, they will also prepare you to say the best possible thing that allows you to walk free.

The Attorney Has More Information About Crimes On The Table, They Can Educate You

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As stated above, the attorney knows much more about crimes than you. If you have an experienced attorney on your side, they would know everything there is to know about crimes on the table. White-collar crimes can range from financial embezzlement to mortgage fraud, and they can be extremely technical; charges, potential charges, potential settlements, and whatnot. You cannot possibly know everything about it, but a white-collar crime lawyer does and they can fill you in on all of the details that you need to know.

More importantly, an attorney can predict possible consequences occurring in the case the court convicts you of the crime. This will allow your attorney to strengthen your case and prepare you for everything. If your attorney is experienced enough, they will involve you in all the technical matters so you can understand your case.

The information might give you the idea that you should only hire an attorney if there are charges filed against you or if you are part of some investigation, but that’s not the case. An attorney should always be a part of your business so they can educate you about how to avoid investigations and charges in the first place. Instead of only being reactive, an attorney will allow you to be proactive.

There is a saying that goes, “If you hire an attorney after you have been sued, it’s too late.” Therefore, always keep an attorney integrated into your business so you are already aware of what you should do to avoid getting bad attention. And even if you do attract some bad attention, your attorney will already have all of the weapons ready to draw.

We hope it is clear to you about when you should hire an attorney and what advantages an experienced attorney has to offer.


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