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Why You Should Hire a DWI Lawyer

A DWI lawyer helps clients charged with intoxicated driving to get less or no charges at all, and they are integral personnel in the law system. These lawyers also guide their clients properly regarding how they should answer their questions.

Over two million people get arrested annually for drunk driving in the US alone, explaining why you need a DWI lawyer. Remember, these charges significantly affect your career and criminal record, and only a qualified attorney will help you to scrap them off.

Trey Porter Law firm has the best DWI lawyers who will provide impeccable services at affordable prices. Below we discuss the benefits of hiring a renowned DWI lawyer.

1. They Have the Right Experience

Life After DWI

The main benefit of working with a qualified DWI attorney is they have the right experience to enable you to get a less-harsher verdict. Remember, DWI charges are severe and complex, and only a qualified attorney will help you to beat them.

After receiving a DWI charge, the first thing should be to consult your lawyer since they have handled similar cases before. They are also familiar with the court corridors, meaning you will get a more favorable sentence.

Their experience also ensures the case facts are accurate, unlike when working with amateurs. Experienced attorneys know the steps taken to fill court documents and make no mistakes in the process.

2. The Gather and Preserve Evidence

DWI Lawyer

It can be challenging to gather and preserve evidence, explaining why you should work with an attorney. These lawyers are familiar with evidence collection and relieve their clients of the hassle of handling this tedious task.

They also know which evidence will release you, making them essential in all proceedings. Qualified DWI lawyers have the best access to resources that will make your case stronger, including;

  • Video footage of the arrest
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Blood tests to show the intoxication levels
  • Claims made by responding officers.

Not only do these lawyers gather the required evidence, but they also send their clients a preservation letter. This is mainly acquired from video evidence and other essential tests. Much time is needed to gather evidence, and qualified lawyers will start early to create a strong defense.

3. They Study and Challenge Evidence

DWI or DUI: What's the Difference and Which One is Worse?

The main role of a DWI attorney is to study the evidence presented by prosecutors. This move is crucial since it authenticates that the prosecutor has put the correct evidence to prove your guilt. These lawyers pay close attention to the prosecutor’s details to detect illegal evidence.

DWI lawyers also study the chemical tests’ results to determine whether the required guidelines were met when doing them. These lawyers file motions in court to suppress fake evidence, thus enabling you to get a better sentence.

The motion is eliminated from the chambers if it becomes successful, meaning the accusers cannot make arguments based on it.

Final Thoughts

DWI charges are common, with over two million cases yearly in the United States. The above article has outlined why you should work with a qualified lawyer; more information is available online.


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