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Why You Need To Lawyer Up In A Crash Involving A Commercial Truck

Were you involved in a car accident involving a commercial truck? This could complicate matters and it will be worth getting a lawyer. We look at the reasons why it is a good idea to get an experienced lawyer in this case. And EastInsuranceGroup will help you in such a case. They have professional insurance agents who are fast and dedicated.

Who is liable?

In the case of two privately-owned passenger vehicles involved in an accident, it is relatively straightforward. In the case where you need to sue for injury or damages, it will be between two private parties. The two insurance companies if insured will also be involved. A lot of lawyers can easily handle these cases.

If you were involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle things are very different. The commercial vehicle has a driver, an owner, a manufacturer of the horse, a manufacturer of the trailer, a company whose goods are being transported, and maybe a transport broker. Many of these parties will have insurance. The liability for the accident could also lie with any or multiple of these parties.

Who is liable

If you make a lawsuit for damages, injury and other losses against the driver his insurance might not be extensive and the resultant payout could be small. Some of the other parties like the trucking company or company whose goods are being transported might be liable as well and they could have extensive insurance capable of large payouts.

Large transport and trucking companies also have the finances and access to very good lawyers. You should also make sure you get an expert in commercial trucking laws and regulations on your side.

What caused the accident?

An accident by a commercial truck could be caused by any number of faults by the driver, company, or vehicle-related. You need an expert who knows the laws, rules, and regulations specifically for commercial vehicles to handle your case. These laws and regulations are not the same as for passenger vehicles and a law firm specializing in passenger vehicles only might miss some of these.

What Caused the Accident

When a passenger vehicle and a commercial vehicle are involved in an accident the resultant damage to property as well as injuries suffered can be extensive. Thanks to commercial trucks being heavy and large their momentum is huge and so they cause massive amounts of damage. Get a lawyer who knows these cases to try and recover the maximum amount for you. Lawyers like these semi-truck accident lawyers in Houston TX are experts in this field. The damages to your property and health-related costs can be expensive so don’t settle for less than what is your legal right.

Even when a driver of a commercial vehicle caused the accident, the company that employs him might still be financially liable. If it was an accident and the driver was doing his job as part of his employment, the employer could be liable. The claim should then be made against the company that employs the driver.

Multiple parties could also be liable. If there was a failure on the truck, but the driver also did something wrong as an example. In this case, you might have a case against both parties. A failed part due to manufacturing could implicate the manufacturer of the truck, trailer, tires, or other parts. A maintenance-related issue could implicate the owner of the truck.

In cases where there was a fault by the driver, for example, if he did not follow regulations, you have a very strong case. The driver and truck owner will be more likely to settle out of court in these cases. Make sure your lawyer is competent and can find all the facts that will strengthen your case.



For a speedy resolution of the case, you might prefer a settlement and not going to trial. The regulations for minimum insurance cover are also different from normal passenger cars. This means that transport companies will have much higher accident cover than a normal passenger car owner. The maximum settlement amount will usually be dictated by the insurance cover. This means that settlement amounts for accidents caused by commercial trucks will usually be much higher than for passenger cars.

The best thing to do in a case where you have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck is then clearly to find an expert law firm to represent you. A lawyer with experience in commercial vehicle accidents will be able to identify all the contributing factors to the accident. He will make a strong case that is more likely to be settled. The settlement amount is also more likely to be higher.

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