Why Trademark Registration Can Help Avoid Legal Battles
Halt | June 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

Why Trademark Registration Can Help Avoid Legal Battles

If you’re on the fence about whether to register your company trademark, consider that attaining trademark registration can save you a lot of legal hassles down the road. Check out a few ways that you can protect yourself and your business’s reputation with a registered trademark.

Legal Presumption of Ownership

When you have a registered trademark, you are the only person (or enterprise) that can use that company name, logo, or slogan. This is a huge advantage and can truly come in handy in cases of infringement. In these situations, someone else or some other entity is trying to use your company name as their own.

However, they aren’t the ones with trademarked name; you are. Therefore, you have legal presumption of ownership, meaning that you have the right to use the brand name and no one else does. This makes legal battles go much more smoothly.

You can actually stop others from using your brand name, subjecting them to legal action if necessary. This kind of power over your business name is well worth the small investment and time commitment that it takes to obtain a registered trademark.

Trademarks Give You More Clout in Court

In the case that an infringement battle does end up in court, you can rest assured knowing that your registered trademark grants you more clout before a court of law. You have the backing of your trademark, which has been registered with the database of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

This makes it simple for authorities to look up your company and see that your registered trademark appears on search results as well as within the USPTO database. It can give you some much-needed peace of mind when battling against someone who is using your company name illegally.

Easier International Business Relations

If you ever wanted to take your enterprise to the next level — international business — then you can do it much more easily with a registered trademark. This helps you in a variety of ways both legally and financially.

First of all, if you have registered a trademark in the United States with the USPTO, then you are already halfway to obtaining registered trademark protection in other countries. Business owners who do not currently have trademark registration with the USPTO will have a much more difficult time getting their trademarks registered overseas.

Without those kinds of trademark rights in the United States, these brands could face legal troubles as they try to get registered in a foreign country.

Legitimate Use of the Ⓡ Symbol

There are lots of companies out there that try to use the Ⓡ symbol on their product packaging, promotional materials, and social media marketing. The thing is that a brand needs to actually register their trademark with the USPTO in order to be able to use that symbol legally.

You can save yourself a lot of legal trouble (and spare your reputation) by properly obtaining that trademark registration before attaching the Ⓡ symbol to your work.

It’s amazing how many brands and entrepreneurs try to plaster the Ⓡ on their content without even bothering to ensure that the name isn’t being used by someone else who actually has the trademark registered.

Do yourself and your company’s reputation a favor and consult an intellectual property attorney who specializes in trademark registration, such as this firm, in order to register your mark before adding the Ⓡ.

In addition, the Ⓡ provides a lot more reliability and prestige to your company since and can be adopted by brands without legally applying for them. Your business will look much more legitimate with an Ⓡ symbol, given that this registered trademark signifier isn’t just handed out to anyone. If you’re a serious business owner, then you need to consider trademark registration.