Law Firms are Outsourcing IT Support
Halt | June 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

Top Reasons Why Law Firms are Outsourcing IT Support in Chicago

Running a successful law firm has never been an easy task. However, in 2020, law practices are facing challenges they haven’t seen in generations. Clients are getting progressively harder to find as most search online and the competition is fierce.

Many firms are investing heavily into hyperlocal marketing just to tread water. They are also focusing more on their core competencies and have begun to outsource IT support.

In today’s post, we’ll explore how this measure has made these practices more cost-competitive

Outsourcing IT Makes Financial Sense

Information technology workers don’t come cheap. In Chicago, IT generalists command a median salary of roughly $75,000 per year. As law firms feel the pressure to expand margins, it’s becoming harder to justify these pricey positions.

We won’t sugarcoat it – the process of outsourcing vital business functions is an involved task. However, you can make things easier on yourself by going through a local outsourcing firm. Luckily finding reliable IT support in the Chicago area is easy as the Windy City is one of the countries economic hubs.

Outsourcing IT Frees Up Capital For Specialists

For many law firms in Chicago and the rest of the country, money is tight right now. Not only is it hard to turn a profit, but it’s also more challenging to grow your practice. To do this, you need to hire the sharpest, most creative minds in your field.

The better the lawyers you have on your payroll, the more cases you’ll win. The more you win, the more prestige you amass. As your firm increases in profile, you can get away with charging higher rates and have access to more clients.

But where are you going to find the money for these hires? As we already mentioned, you already pay more salary than you need for non-legal positions – especially in IT. By outsourcing these positions, you can free up capital to hire talent that will lead to long-term growth.

Outsourcing IT Can Enhance Your Firm’s Online Presence

Outsourcing isn’t just an exercise in cost-cutting – it can also act as a growth accelerator. While IT contractors aren’t legal professionals, their contribution can elevate your practice in numerous ways.

The design of your firm’s intranet is crucial to efficient workflow and business success. Local programmers in Chicago are expensive, and skill levels can vary widely. If you try to save money, you may end up with an intranet with poor navigation/usability.

If you wish to command top dollar for your services, you must work efficiently. It’s important that all your employees are able to communicate with each other seamlessly in the most effective way possible. If there is a problem, it should be a quick e-mail or phone call and then back to business.

For a modest fee, you can bring on seasoned professionals via an outsourced team. Now, this isn’t a slam-dunk solution – there may be communication issues you’ll have to work through in the start. As you’re building an ongoing business relationship, things will get smoother.

However, given the profound cost-savings and peace of mind, any extra communication in the beginning will be worth it in the end.

Outsourcing IT Increases Efficiency

Money isn’t the only resource that IT outsourcing conserves – it saves time as well. On top of costing more, in-house IT workers, unless they happen to be star talent, can take longer to do tasks.

When your e-mail server goes down, you’ve got to get it back online ASAP. Every hour it spends out of commission holds up workflow and frustrates staff and clients alike. When you hire outsourced talent, it’s easier to to get things working again. The crisis for you is often an easy to fix occurrence for your outsourced team.

When you have outsourced IT support on your payroll, routine and emergency tasks get done faster. By  outsourcing your IT help desk, you’re gaining access to a far greater knowledge base than any one employee can bring to the table. You’re also not dependent on any one person to ensure the smooth operation of your firm’s technology needs.

You Run A Law Firm in Chicago, Not A Technology Company

As a law firm director in one of America’s biggest cities, you ought to be thinking about growth strategies, not IT. By outsourcing this role, you can focus your resources on the things that matter.

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