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Why JMS Law is the Top-Rated Law Firm in Barrie, Ontario

When people hear “law firm,” they probably think of intimidating and expensive legal work. However, JMS Law in Barrie, Ontario, is a different kind of law firm that has built a reputation on service and affordability for the past 15 years. This top-rated law firm is known for its quality legal advice and affordable fees. It’s been consistently voted best in Simcoe County for the last decade, which gives you the assurance that you’ve chosen a top-caliber legal counsel.

The truth is that many people don’t go to lawyers because of how expensive it can be—and with good reason. A lawyer with an hourly rate over $200 (the average rate in Simcoe) will have to spend around an hour researching your case before they even begin drafting up any documents. It might seem like an efficient approach to your case because you’re paying only for what you need. But it can cost you thousands of dollars more than necessary if you aren’t clear about your final goal at the beginning of your case.

JMS Law offers competitive fees without sacrificing quality service. The company doesn’t hire junior lawyers or charge outrageous rates. It makes them more qualified than their competitors. They focus on providing high-quality legal representation and a comfortable client experience where people feel like they are being listened to—not just another number or dollar sign in a spreadsheet somewhere.

If you’re looking for the best real estate lawyer in Barrie, Ontario, JMS Law is your best bet. JMS Law has won awards for being the best real estate lawyer in Barrie, Ontario. According to reviews of real estate lawyers across the city of Barrie, it’s clear that this law firm is the top-rated law firm for real estate-related issues and transactions.

JMS Law has a variety of areas of expertise in its practice and specializes primarily in construction law and commercial real estate, both areas which can be quite complex on their own. Their practices include drafting agreements for commercial leases or residential subleases and full-service residential acquisitions ranging from purchase agreements to closing statements. They also provide services regarding corporate mergers & acquisitions and business succession planning such as wills & estates. It can be an essential thing to have done if you want your business or family to continue after you are gone.

JMS Law’s Real Estate Services

Purchase And Sale Of Residential Properties

Residential Properties

When you purchase a house, you have to complete several steps to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish. It can seem overwhelming if you’ve never sold or bought a home before; luckily, we’re here to break everything down for you.

The first step is getting pre-approved for your mortgage by a lender. The lender will look at your monthly income and expenses and decide whether or not they think you’ll be able to make your mortgage payments every month. This can be done with the help of an agent or by going directly to their website.

When you buy real estate in Ontario, the funds that change hands go through the lawyer’s trust account, so the lawyer is involved throughout this process. As soon as the deal becomes official between buyer and seller (usually contingent on passing an inspection), then the lawyer will draw up a Memorandum of Purchase and Sale (MPS) for both parties to sign (typically contingent on passing an inspection). The MPS specifies each party’s responsibilities during closing: when payments are due, who is responsible for repairs if necessary after move-in day, etc.

The team at JMS Law are experts in this field and can guide you through the process with ease.

New Homes And Condominiums

New homes and condominiums are a relatively new idea in Canada, but the concept is decades old in the United States. Invented by people who wanted to create an easy way to buy a house or apartment on their own, these kinds of investment properties became famous all over the world around the 1960s. Before then, these developments made up only a small percentage of residential housing stock, as they were mainly associated with hotels and motels.

Many people think that buying a new home or condominium is like going to the bank and taking out a mortgage—presto! The reality is that you’re buying what’s known as an “assignment agreement,” which spells out everything about your ownership for at least five years.

These documents can be so detailed that they include everything from how often you can move into the building to when you have to pay for any significant repairs or upgrades you make. All this information must be included in your purchase agreement because it’s legally binding coverage for both sides. If something goes wrong down the road and you’re working with JMS, you won’t have much difficulty resolving it.

Drafting And Reviewing Real Estate Documents

Real Estate Documents

If you’re interested in buying a home, it’s essential to understand the terms of your contract. However, it’s also easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of paperwork involved (and we don’t even get into the legalese).

If you don’t ask yourself the right questions before signing your life away on that dotted line, you could end up with a pile of documents that aren’t serving their purpose—or worse, ones that will cause trouble for you down the road. If you’d like a seamless experience with real estate documentation, the lawyers at JMS can help.

Commercial Real Estate

Buying a commercial property is a complex transaction. When looking at the high price tag, you want to make sure that your money is well spent and that the property you’re getting is what was advertised.

The process of buying real estate can be complicated for many reasons, but encumbrances are often attached to properties in Ontario—sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. These encumbrances can affect how much use you’ll get out of the building or land.

To ensure that your investment is protected, we recommend reviewing all necessary documentation from your lawyer before signing anything. Expert lawyers will guide you through every step if you’re working with JMS Law. These lawyers know the nuances of the process.

Business Sales And Purchases

Business Sales

Buying and selling property is a complicated process, and it’s not always clear what to expect at every stage. The experienced lawyers at JMS Law can guide you through the steps of buying or selling real estate.

Whether you’re buying your first home or have already owned several properties, JMS will work with you to ensure that the deal goes smoothly. Here are some things you should consider when either buying or selling property. JMS has extensive experience in both sales and purchases for clients throughout southern Ontario.


Most people don’t search for the best law firm in Canada if they’re dealing with a legal problem—they want someone who will get them better results than the last person they talked to. JMS Law is that firm. They are the top-rated and most successful Barrie, Ontario-based law office, according to multiple reputable review sites on which JMS Law have earned a perfect five-star rating (and there are plenty of them).

JMS Law is committed to providing solutions to your legal issues using proven hard work and innovative methods. Your case will be given individual attention by one of their experienced lawyers while their entire team works hard to achieve positive results. When you hire JMS Law Barrie as your legal representative, you can expect an outstanding experience that yields excellent results.

Every lawyer will claim to be the best, but at JMS Law, they mean it. The JMS team is dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for our clients, whether that means aggressively representing them in court or finding a quick and efficient solution to their case without going to trial.

The only thing they love more than serving their clients is talking about how great they are at what they do. They think you’ll agree that besides being a law firm with an incredible reputation, they’re also one of the most approachable and accommodating firms around. If you’re looking for uncompromising representation from start to finish in your case—and if you want the ease of access and convenience above all else—they’re your firm.

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