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Why Hire a Private Lawyer Rather Than a Public Defender?

Most people won’t give up without a good fight, especially when fighting for freedom. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to hire a private attorney when facing criminal charges. During difficult circumstances like being arrested for a crime, an overwhelming amount of work needs to be done. It can be taxing both physically and mentally.

Some of the difficult decisions you may face include how to plead, what defenses and arguments to raise, and whether to accept a plea agreement. These are decisions that should be made under the guidance of an attorney. If you are ever in a tight situation, it is best to know the criminal defense lawyer cost in California.

Public Defenders

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The government pays public defenders to provide legal representation for people who can’t afford private lawyers. If someone requests the court to appoint a public defender, legal representation can be had for free. Public defenders are government employees – they work for the very same entity that is prosecuting you. The defendant must have no relationship with who is chosen as their lawyer. Otherwise, the lawyer needs to withdraw from the case. Failure to do so would be tantamount to a petition for disbarment.

Private Lawyers

Private lawyers are paid for by their defendants. They work for their clients and not the court. The price for hiring a private lawyer depends on your location and professional experience. Unlike public defenders, private lawyers take the time to advise you on your possible routes and chance of success. They can help you make the best decision possible for your case and are personally invested in your interests.

Advantages Of Hiring A Private Lawyer

There are fundamental differences between public defenders and private lawyers. The only disadvantage to a private lawyer is the cost. There are many benefits to trusting your case with a private lawyer.

You Can Choose Your Counsel

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One of the most significant advantages of hiring a private lawyer is choice. A public defender is a court-appointed lawyer, meaning you don’t have a say in who will represent you. Hiring a private lawyer allows you to choose the right lawyer for your case. This way, you can ask questions before hiring a lawyer to grasp how your lawsuit will be handled. Concurrently, you will get a lawyer with the knowledge and experience you are comfortable with.

Private Lawyers Have Lesser Caseloads

The sad reality for public defenders is that they are overworked. Due to their high caseloads, they have little time to devote to their client’s cases. Public defenders usually recommend accepting a plea deal to resolve the case as quickly as possible, even when other avenues to the case are still unexplored.

Another consequence of handling too many cases at a time is the lack of attention to their clients. This results in more mistakes, giving their defendants less-than-favorable chances. Private lawyers take on limited cases based on their discretion. They have more time to build solid defenses and are more confident in fighting for their client.

You Can Expect Better Communication

As stated, private lawyers only take on limited cases. This gives them the time to communicate with their clients more frequently, providing assurance, information, and strategies throughout the case. Private lawyers take great pride in being available to their clients when needed. Some public defenders only get to meet and talk to the defendant during their court appearance.

Private Lawyers Have More Resources

Private Lawyers

Private criminal defense lawyers usually have staff working under them. These are more people who are working to get you the best outcome from your case. This includes paralegals and other employees who can assist in handling your case to defend your legal rights. Private lawyers also have more legal resources to handle cases better, such as engaging an expert witness to testify or having a private laboratory test the evidence.

You Are More Likely To Get The Best Outcome

Private attorneys rely on clients who hire them to support themselves. This means they have a personal stake in your case because it will likely affect their future clients and cases. Despite the outcome of their cases, public defenders will always have more clients. Private lawyers will work harder to get you the best result in your case. According to a U.S. Department of Justice study, a whopping 88% of defendants with public defenders are convicted.


The decision on which lawyer to hire rests with you. Weigh the pros and cons shared in this post and choose for yourself. Remember that no matter whether you take the public or private route, ensure that your legal counsel will best represent your cause of action and defend your rights.

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