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Halt | October 30, 2019 | 0 Comments

Why do you need an employment lawyer?

Are you seeking an employment lawyer in Toronto because you are a new employer who needs to know about employment rules and regulations? Or do you have some issues with your employer, and you want to resolve the dispute by hiring Toronto employment lawyers? Whether you are an employee or an employer, you can hire an employment lawyer in Toronto. An employment lawyer can help people and companies regarding employment concerns according to Ontario employment law.

Employment is a big concern for every small or big company. You need employees to run your business and employees need jobs. Having a conflict between employer and employee is a normal thing almost everywhere. There are employment standards and law in every state or country which must be abided by any company or employer. Wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and unequal pay are the common legal issues that require the need for Toronto employment lawyers. Now, there are some conflicting times where you feel the need to have an employment attorney to resolve the issue legally. Usually, an employment lawyer will represent an employee who is not a member of any work union at his/her workplace and requires a lawyer to represent his/her interests or defend him/her against the allegations. 

For employees: If you are an employee and have committed any unlawful act which may directly or indirectly influence your employer or the company you work for, then get an employment lawyer. These are the following situations where you will be needing a lawyer.

  1. You were sexually harassed at your workplace by your boss or someone at your workplace.
  2. You have been a victim of gender, racial, or religious discrimination at your workplace.
  3. You have been fired or terminated illegally.
  4. You were under duress to sign any contract by waiving your employee rights by your boss.
  5. Your employer has violated national, state, or any other type of law regarding gain success in business. You have proof but you need protection in exchange for whistleblowing. 
  6. Your boss isn’t giving you benefits that he/she agrees within a job contract.  

For employers: If you are an employer then an employment lawyer can help you in so many ways. 

  1. Any employment lawyer can give you in-depth knowledge of state and national employment laws regarding your business field. 
  2. He/she can help you draw foolproof job contracts that legally complies with your state employment laws.
  3. If there is a rising issue among workers, you will need a collective bargaining representation by an employment lawyer.
  4. Your employee has sued you with a harassment or discrimination lawsuit.
  5. You want to lay off some of your employees and stop their benefits that’s why you need someone to find loopholes or dig up something in their job contract. 

Basically, an employment lawyer can help you sort out so many employment-related issues legally. Instead of being in a fight, it is better suited to have a lawyer. He/she can better guide you to handle the issue without jeopardizing your company

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