Personal Injury Lawyer
Halt | April 8, 2020 | 0 Comments

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been involved in a car accident, injured by a defective product, suffered damages as a result of a slip and fall, or any other number of situations where you have suffered injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, then you will benefit immensely from the help of a personal injury attorney.

Take a look below for just a few reasons why working with a personal injury attorney will be a significant benefit for you for a variety of reasons, including some that may not seem obvious at first.

The Insurance Claims Process Is More Complicated Than It Seems

After you take care of your immediate concerns, like medical treatment and other accident-related issues, the next step will be to initiate an insurance claim with the responsible party’s insurance company. They will assign a claims adjuster to your case, who will spend the next few weeks going through every detail of the accident, your medical issues and expenses, and everything else necessary to put together a comprehensive picture of the situation.

On your end, this claims process may seem fairly straightforward and stress-free, which is exactly what the insurance company is relying on. Essentially, a significant part of this investigation is based on determining how little they can offer you for a settlement while still resolving the case and avoiding any future legal issues.

When you are working with an attorney, they will be able to spend the time that the insurance company is working on their own claims investigation to determine a fair and reasonable amount that you actually deserve. Once the insurance company returns to you with an initial offer, your attorney will use that as a start to a series of negotiations intended to get you the money that you actually deserve.

Your Time Is Better Spent Focusing On Recovery

If you decide that you want to take the insurance company on by yourself, you will quickly find that a significant amount of your time will be spent trying to research a variety of different legal and financial issues relating to your case, while additionally working directly with the insurance company to facilitate the claims investigation, ensuring that you do not make any statements that are counterproductive to your case, and trying to get the medical care that you need in order to make a full recovery. If this all sounds overwhelming, it’s because it is.

Stress is routinely shown to have an adverse impact on recovery from physical wounds, and when you try to take all of this stress on, you are directly hampering your own wellbeing. By working with an attorney, you are not only improving your chances of having a favorable outcome to your claim, but you are also improving your recovery times and medical outcomes.

Personal Injury Law Is Overwhelming

A common thread through the first two reasons why you will benefit from a personal injury attorney is the sheer complexity of a personal injury case. When you hire an attorney, you are not only hiring someone to take the stress off of your own plate, you are hiring them for their professional experience and history of successful cases similar to your own.

When you bring in the help of an experienced lawyer, you will benefit from years of experience, studying, and fighting for clients. This type of assistance is irreplaceable, and you will benefit significantly no matter the outcome.

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