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Why Court Reporting Is Very Important

People might not realize this; court reporting is vital to the justice system, the services court reporters provide, are very essential and should not be understated. Without court reporters in the justice system, cases would be hard to review and conduct.

Court reporters are called keepers of the record, while recordings are important in court proceedings, the benefits of court reporters not only prove they are important, it also proves court reporting is vital.

As court reporters, roles are important for the judicial system, so are court reports. Court reports are super vital. The importance of court reporting can sometimes be underrated, but the clear truth is that; it’s super helpful in making the judicial system reliable in so many ways and it would be hard to conduct a case without it – the benefits of court reporting include but are not limited to, processing and providing accurate court proceeding records and influencing trials positively.

Why Court Reporting Is Very Important

Only qualified personnel can serve as a court reporter, and this makes them hard to find. Court reporters go through mandatory certification programs to qualify as court reporters. This is all the more professionals at Phipps Reporting evangelize the importance of proper court reporting with advanced technologies. More so one fun fact about their job is that before they are certified, they must be able to type about 225 words per minute, Wow! They are also required to get every word during court trials and with at least a 95 percent accuracy.

This not only makes court reporting a serious profession, but it also shows how important court reports are. Here are the main reasons why court reporting are oh so important;

1. It Safeguards Legal Processes.

It Safeguards Legal Processes

Proper documentation of what happens in a courtroom — a trial for instance — is very important because it serves as an official record. This way the legal process is well documented and with this documentation – let’s say an appellate court can examine the document or records of a courtroom trial to see if there might be any wrongdoing during a trial, thus making the legal process safe from unlawful acts.  Court reporters are required to prepare trustworthy documentation of what happened in legal proceedings, they usually take records of what happens in a courtroom with 95% accuracy – this is usually written in shorthand, but later translated to written words that everyone can read. In court proceedings like criminal trials, divorces, and corruption cases, court reporters usually sit at the front seat, to document court proceedings.

2. Easy Access To Accurate Recording And Documentation During An Appeal Process.

Because court reporters usually keep proper records during litigations, it is easy to access them. If a litigant chooses to exercise his/her right to appeal, the appeals court usually requests a transcript of the litigation, and these records are usually provided to the appeals court.

3. They Have A Positive Effect On The Trial.

They Have A Positive Effect On The Trial

During a trial, if a court reporter takes proper documentation of what happens in a trial, this record can be a deciding factor to the success of the case. And high-quality court recordings are done to make sure justice is well served without any error.

4. It Helps An Attorney Prepare For Trials.

Well-documented court depositions help the attorney build up his cases and prepare for trials, these documents can include recordings of what witnesses say. And when building up their case, they refer to the transcript of these depositions before going to trial.

5. Speech To Text Recording In Real-time.

Why Court Reporting Is Very Important

Leveraging the use of the latest technology, people can hear court proceedings in real-time audio, even more, see the wordings visually. Court reporters write in shorthand electronically. Then with the use of special software, the shorthand is converted on a steno machine, to display the words in a regular language – English — visually, and then, in turn, these displayed words are converted to spoken words in real-time — this is typically done with a text to speech software.

By doing this people can participate in the judicial process well enough and more so this is super helpful for people returning from recess – just in case they intend to refresh their memory, another good thing is; Judges and attorneys have immediate access to the transcript of what is being said in the court. Also, this is super helpful too for people with hearing disabilities.

Conclusively court recordings are vital in legal depositions and because these recordings are very accurate, they provide the attorneys and judge with good and detailed information needed to serve justice, without any form of misunderstanding.

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