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Why An Injured Pedestrian Needs An Accident Lawyer

Despite efforts to lower auto-pedestrian accidents, the number of severe injuries and deaths due to being hit by a car went up in 2020, except for certain areas, such as San Francisco. This might have something to do with more people walking instead of driving during the pandemic when many businesses shut down, but even so, auto-pedestrian accidents aren’t uncommon. If you’ve been hit by a car, it is recommended that you at least consult an accident lawyer to make sure your rights are protected. Here’s why.

Reasons To Hire An Accident Lawyer

Fault Is Undetermined

Types of Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

In some auto-pedestrian accident cases, it’s difficult to determine who was at fault. This is because accidents happen so quickly that even the participants have trouble remembering exactly what occurred and when. If the fault hasn’t been determined yet in your case, an accident attorney can help you find out whose fault it was and the sequence of events.

Accident lawyers have access to expert accident reconstructionists and investigators who can re-create the crash based on evidence at the scene and eye-witness statements. They can also track down witnesses who may be reluctant to get involved or talk to the police. These witnesses could be the key to proving your case.



Hopefully, you’ve never had to deal with an auto-pedestrian accident before, but this means you don’t have any experience with insurance negotiations, filing procedures, and courtroom guidelines. An experienced accident lawyer can handle this for you and make sure you don’t miss any deadlines that could jeopardize your case.

Additionally, statistics show that accident attorneys recover more monetary damages for their clients than they would get by handling their cases on their own. Attorneys know how to negotiate with insurance companies and won’t accept an offer that’s too low. You might be tempted to take the first offer made, but if it’s not an amount you deserve, your accident lawyer will advise you to keep negotiating.

Time To Focus On Healing

As the pedestrian in an auto-pedestrian accident, you probably suffered from at least some injuries. You need to focus on healing rather than worrying about the legal aspects of the situation. When you hire an accident attorney, they take everything off your plate, allowing you to take care of yourself and recover from the accident. Your attorney will keep you in the loop on your case, letting you know what’s going on every step of the way, but you won’t have to do everything yourself. This is a huge relief to most victims of auto-pedestrian accidents, who just want to feel better before dealing with negotiations and court appearances.

On Your Side

On Your Side

Ultimately, one of the best reasons to hire an attorney if you’ve been hit by a car is that you need someone on your side. The driver’s insurance company will likely do everything it can to avoid paying your damages, and that can sometimes feel like you’re all alone. With an experienced attorney to fight for you, there will always be someone in your corner.


Don’t go through the aftermath of an auto-pedestrian accident by yourself. Consult with an accident attorney and find out the difference hiring one to take on your case can make.

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