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Why A Lawyer SEO Expert Is A Good Idea

Getting new clients was a much easier task in the past. Yellow page ads, billboards, and commercials did most of the job of drawing prospects, without additional intervention from businesses and their owners. The reality nowadays is much different. People now spend at least a work-day worth of time online and, should they need legal advice, 98 per cent go and look for it on the web. If they need to find a law firm, they will not open the yellow pages but rather look you up online, read articles you posted on your website and browse all the reviews they can find in order to get an idea about your expertise. All this might even take place on a mobile device as they are going about their daily tasks. Come to think about it, even referrals, which are so important to legal professionals, have now moved to Google and the social networking platforms.

However slow the legal industry has been in adapting to technology, it is a hard fact that success means going with the flow and staying up to date. Let’s look at some simple and practical legal marketing steps you can implement in order to stay current and convert more leads than any paper brochure will ever attract.

Content Marketing And Lawyer SEO

Why A Lawyer SEO Expert Is A Good IdeaThe concept of search engine optimization has hardly escaped your attention. It is the process of modifying a website in such a way as to show up in the first result pages when people look up specific products or services in Google or Bing. When people need something these days, they would most often pull their mobile phones and type or voice their search in order to find a local listing of interest. If a law company is not on the first Google search results page, potential customers are highly unlikely to see and open its website. It’s now long been established that users don’t really go past the first couple of entries unless they really don’t see what they are looking for.

After a website is optimized for speed and made mobile-friendly, this has the potential to quadruple its organic traffic. These two steps literally represents half the work to be done. What remains are a couple of other aspects that the SEO company you hire will make sure to implement, namely adding an attorney schema to help search engines understand the purpose of the website, optimizing landing pages for legal jargon keywords, tending to keywords, markup, images and the content itself. Throwing in a couple of local search engine optimization best practices provides the finishing touch that will additionally guarantee a steady flow of customers in the area where the law firm is located.

Why Is Attorney SEO Important?

We already discussed that people research, look for and choose any kind of service has changed dramatically over the past decade or so. Almost everything is achieved through Google search, and since it has come to dominate the web, any company’s survival hinges on its online resilience and its ability to be found there.

Why an attorney would need a website is a pretty simple question to answer. Business websites, regardless of the sphere or niche, are the one-stop resource that showcases the company expertise in that specific field. It is no longer enough to put up your contact information in a yellow-pages-like spot and simply claim you are offering legal advice. You have to let your company page do the convincing by making sure it conveys why exactly you are the right choice of a lawyer in the area in which you specialize. How? Let’s look at the basic optimization to-do list that needs to be executed as the bare minimum and upgraded in the long run.

Pages That Speak Volumes

Who would want to hire a lawyer if they have no authority in the legal industry? Despite the fact that the correlation is indeed obvious, it turns out that the majority of partners in big and prominent companies have hardly ever taken a look at the content on the website presenting their firm. And it is actually what these pages say about you that will make a person decide whether to pick up the phone and call you or not.

Take a good look at your company page. What is the general message it conveys? Is it easy and comprehensible for the layman? Can users navigate it with ease or do they struggle to find their way around? What about a blog? Do you have one? Just imagine the benefit of making people aware of a legal matters by explaining it in an approachable manner in a blog article, then giving valuable directions for measures to take should they find themselves in said, situation, and last but not least, encouraging them to meet and hire you to represent them in the matter?

Start At The Beginning

Begin building your content. It’s a good idea to start with the services you offer and work from there. Once your main pages are ready, invest some time in starting a blog and keeping it up to date with fresh posts every so often. If you are not sure what topics to pick, the best one are the frequently asked questions you get from new customers at your first meetings. Or you can check out some tips and tricks at This way you will build your authority and improve your website SEO by leaps and bounds. It’s always nice being able to kill to birds with one stone, right?

Continue with link building and social media presence. Don’t fall into the trick of buying cheap links in bulk. Rather, invest your time and money in generating organic traffic. Premium content will already be working towards that. If you are not on Facebook and twitter, create those accounts and start interacting with current and potential clients. Be out there, remain visible, approachable and involved and you will see steady and tangible results over time.

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