Parking Lot Accident
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Who’s At Fault in a Parking Lot Accident? 5 Important Things You Need to Know

In auto accidents, establishing liability is key. And parking lot accidents might be low stakes compared with full-blown freeway crashes, they are also incredibly common.

So how is it possible to establish who’s at fault, and what are the challenges involved in doing so?

Let’s dive into must-know aspects of parking lot accidents so you know where you stand.

Vehicle damage tells an important story

parking lot collision

The location and nature of any damage done to vehicles involved in a parking lot collision will help investigators determine exactly what went on, even if the people involved are telling contradictory stories about how things went down.

It’s all part of how collision investigation is carried out, although investigators may not visit the site of the crash if both vehicles are still roadworthy and no major injuries are involved.

That’s why it’s a good idea to capture evidence using a smartphone, recording videos and taking photos, so that this can be reviewed and interpreted by experts if necessary.

Signage sets the rules

Another aspect which dictates where the blame lies in a parking lot accident is the signage. Most parking facilities will have clear signage denoting where vehicles should go, which route they should follow, and how they should be aligned when parked.

Evidence that a third party has ignored the signage, or indeed if the signage itself is unclear or entirely missing, can help determine who was at fault, whether that’s another driver or the parking lot owner.

Some car accident attorneys handle many parking lot accidents

Car Accident Evidence

Lawyers with extensive experience in handling parking lot accident cases are perfectly positioned to tackle the issue of proving who’s at fault.

Working with award-winning car accident attorneys is therefore a priority for anyone who finds themselves in this complex scenario.

Aside from the excellent support and representation you’ll receive from a lawyer who knows what they’re doing when it comes to auto incidents, they’ll also be able to give you specific guidance about fault and liability, while also getting you the compensation you deserve where relevant.

Surveillance footage will come into play

Security cameras are widely used in parking lots, mainly as a deterrent for thieves. However, they can also be turned to when collisions occur so that the footage can give a clear sense of how the accident happened.

It will not always be possible for fault to be determined from security camera recordings, but if they are available then the evidence they provide could be instrumental in your case.

Proving a particular narrative can be an uphill struggle

While there are ways to definitively prove fault in the case of a parking lot accident, whether it’s just vehicles involved or if pedestrians are also a factor, you should not expect this to be a straightforward process.


The biggest issue is that by their very nature, parking lots are places in which vehicles move in all directions, whether they’re traveling along rows to find a space, or maneuvering out of a space in order to leave.

Because of this there is a lot of leeway in terms of how the rules of the road can be interpreted. This just means that it’s doubly important to work with an experienced lawyer, rather than trying to fight this battle on your own.

Final thoughts

It’s wise to be vigilant when driving or walking in a parking lot, because clearing up fault if a collision occurs is rarely uncomplicated.

That said, you don’t need to despair if a calamity occurs, because support from attorneys will always be available to clients facing tough circumstances.

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