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5 Important Characteristics Of A White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have ever found yourself lost inside a maze? Accusations of a crime that is white-collar related can feel very similar. Feeling panic or confusion are very normal reactions to this situation, especially when you first find out about the charge or investigation. Levin & Associates, PLLC can help you through it.

Even if this is the first time you are facing charges for a crime, you might already know that the first thing you should be doing is to find a lawyer. But do you know how to find the right criminal defense lawyer when a Google search brings up hundreds of options?

White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer Characteristics

Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Keep reading to find out more on how to choose the right criminal defense lawyer when you are faced with fraud charges:

#1 Experience Is Vital

The first and most important step is to choose a law firm or attorney that specializes in white-collar crimes. These types of offenses are highly complex, which is why you will need a person with extensive experience in dealing with these criminal defense case types.

This is one of those situations where a friend of a friend’s lawyer that has dabbled in white-collar crimes will not suffice. Certain criminal defense attorneys also have previous experience as a prosecutor. While this type of experience is not a requirement, it might be worth your while to hire a lawyer that has experience on either side like Levin & Associates, PLLC.

#2 You Must Remain Informed

When you are facing the real-life crisis of a charge for criminal activity, you may have turned to the Web to find out more about cases such as yours. But you might not know that content on the internet isn’t always that reliable, and it is not that easy to condense. These searches can assist you in finding the right questions to ask. Ensure that the lawyer you have chosen is eager to explain the potential charges you may be faced with, the legal options available to you, and the implications involved in how you plan to proceed.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

#3 Understand What You Need To Do

A common pitfall that many criminal defendants seem to make involves “cooperating” with investigators before they take advantage of obtaining legal advice. Many people naturally have the instinct to answer questions that law-enforcement authorities start asking.

Committing a crime can also prompt the need to start talking extensively and openly. But you need to understand that these are the entities that are collecting evidence so that they can use this against you, which is why it is important to know how you should be responding.

Even though cooperation might be suggested or not, you may lose your ability to take advantage of cooperation when you provide this before your lawyer has tried to negotiate what you might receive from it in return. Investigating agents usually do not have the authority to hand out benefits, it is the prosecutors that have this authority. This is when you need a lawyer to advise you on the actions you should be taking and what you should not do throughout the entire process.

#4 You Should Always Come First

Your attorney should show commitment when it comes to ensuring they reach a favorable outcome in regards to your specific situation. They should also keep an open line of communication throughout the process. If at any stage you start feeling uncomfortable about the individual that is giving you advice, rather start looking elsewhere. It is actually recommended to speak to a few lawyers before deciding which one to hire.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Directory

#5 Consider Your Mental Health

This is perhaps among the most frightening and stressful events you will ever experience in your life. Your lawyer might suggest that you go for counseling and this is a very wise idea. While not regarded as necessary, try and find a lawyer that is sensitive and compassionate to your concerns and needs. Attorneys are prohibited ethically from promising a guaranteed result. So don’t expect this and be cautious of the lawyer that does make such promises.

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