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Where Can I Find A Workers Comp Doctor?

If you’ve sustained a workplace injury, then chances are you need a workers’ comp doctor. Luckily, this is easier than you think. There are countless doctors dedicated to helping you, providing quality care.

The type of doctor you see will depend on the kind of injury you’ve sustained at work.

Keep reading to discover how to find a workers’ comp doctor accepted by your insurance provider

Finding a Workers’ Comp Doctor

Begin by reporting your workplace injury to your supervisor or employer. Make sure to fill out any necessary paperwork for filing a claim with workers’ comp.

You’ll need to see a workers’ comp doctor depending on the type of injury you’ve suffered. This may include a medical doctor, Osteopathic or Podiatric physician, as well as Oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

It’s also possible for a nurse practitioner to care for you.

These specific doctors will treat you as well as provide specific work instructions, such as light-duty requirements.

Fortunately, states like New York will allow you to choose your own doctor. However, make sure your employer doesn’t require you to follow their specific managed care protocol.

You can begin by asking your employer if there is a specific doctor they can refer you to, or call your insurance provider for a list of referrals. If you are part of a union, your local union rep should be able to advise you on medical professionals that participate with workers’ compensation claims.

Once you have a list of physicians to contact, make sure they fit the bill for your specific medical condition.

What to Look for in a Doctor

First and foremost, find a doctor you feel comfortable with. Depending on the nature and severity of your injury, you may be working with this healthcare professional for a substantial length of time.

It’s also important to find a doctor with a flexible schedule to accommodate seeing you. A physician who is booked for several weeks may not be the most helpful for your specific needs.

Additionally, look for doctors who have extensive experience with your specific condition. They should also be willing to work with your workers’ comp medical fee schedule.

Make sure their office is aware of the process associated with workers’ comp claims, and that they are supportive of the process and comfortable with writing detailed reports.

Finding workers compensation doctors is easier than you think.

Healthcare You Can Trust

Talk to your insurance provider or your employer about health care providers that accept your insurance and will work with you on a workers’ compensation claim.

Make sure you trust the treating physician and that they are experienced with your type of injury. Be sure to keep detailed records of your treatment and complete the necessary paperwork when working with a workers’ comp doctor.

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