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Times When You Need to Contact Worker’s Compensation Attorney

If you face injuries in your job, you can file for worker’s compensation claim instead of suing the co-workers or the employer. Worker’s compensation is one type of injury that employers offer, regardless of the state. Even though there are some exceptions, most employers need to fill out this coverage so that they can protect their employees from property damage expenses, medical bills, and temporary inability to work.

Additionally, the worker’s compensation claims also enhance the legal protection of the employers. This is because employees under the worker’s compensation act cannot file a lawsuit against the company or the employer.

When Do You Need to File Worker’s Compensation Claim?

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you suffer from work-related illness or injury, you can file for a worker’s compensation claim to cover all the property damages and the medical bills. If you’re not capable of working due to injuries or illness, the company will pay you a percentage of your salary as per the compensation claim. You can file for worker’s compensation claim under some specific conditions:

  • You are an active employee of the company, and you are covered by the worker’s compensation act.
  • It doesn’t matter if you were working remotely or at the site; you suffer from illness or injury as a part of work activity.
  • You meet all the deadlines regarding filing.
  • You attend the essential medical treatments, appointments, and medical examinations.

If you fulfill these criteria, you can leverage the benefits of a worker’s compensation claim. However, you should contact a worker’s compensation lawyer from Rundlett Law Firm, PLLC, to ensure the proper filing of the legal documents. Without their help, you will face problems receiving your compensation.

Remember that most workers’ compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that you don’t need to pay any upfront cost while hiring them. You need to pay them only when they win your case.

Federal Employees Filing Alternatives

Federal employees can leverage the benefits of worker’s compensation claims through the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office. This program includes four different types of worker’s compensation programs: medical treatment, wage replacement benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and many more.

Workers Compensation

Federal employees are also capable of qualifying for these special programs:

  • Federal Black Lung Program
  • Federal Worker’s Compensation Program
  • Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program
  • Harbor and Longshore Worker’s Compensation Program

When Should You Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney?

Most employees can file worker’s compensation claims without seeking help from attorneys. However, it’s imperative to take legal assistance at such a specific time. Sometimes the worker’s compensation claim will turn up in a dispute. Your employer might prevent compensating you by claiming that you were injured somewhere else. This is where you cannot neglect the importance of attorneys. As per Forbes, make sure you hire a lawyer who understands your personality.

You might also think that settlement of the worker’s compensation claim is insufficient. For instance, in some exceptional cases, you can directly sue the company, or the employer can demand compensation for all the pain and harassment they caused. You can also take legal action against your co-workers and other third-party individuals. The worker’s compensation act protects employers and employees from lawsuits unless there’s been the involvement of extreme viciousness or negligence.


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If you’re filing for a worker’s compensation claim, it’s suggested to choose an experienced worker’s compensation attorney. They will guide you to take essential steps while also boosting your chances of winning the case.

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