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Michael Molfetta, Lead Attorney At Molfetta Law, Explains When You Might Need A Consumer Protection Lawyer

There are laws in place that aim to protect consumers on a daily basis. As attorney Michael Molfetta explains, some of these regulations ensure that when consumers purchase a product, sellers aren’t utilizing dishonest or deceptive tactics to make a sale.

State governments oversee some of these regulations, while the federal government provides overarching protections to consumers across the country. There are times when you may feel that you need legal assistance in ensuring your protection under these laws.

This is where a consumer protection attorney comes in. An experienced consumer protection law firm, such as Molfetta Law, will help you understand your rights as a consumer and file motions and lawsuits on your behalf.

Molfetta and his team understand that any legal action can be daunting but are here to help understand the instances where procuring the services of a consumer protection attorney are in your best interest.

Timeshare Exits

Timeshare Exits

Timeshares, also known as vacation ownership, are naturally appealing at first glance. However, a lifetime commitment of resort fees may be less than ideal once the initial excitement wears thin. Unfortunately, many consumers discover that exiting timeshare agreements can be challenging and costly. Michael Molfetta and Molfetta Law specialize in timeshare exits and can help enforce your rights.

Debt Collection

Certain laws provide consumers with protections concerning debt collection. The creditor-debtor relationship is important, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act works to protect both sides of this relationship.

If a creditor seeks to collect on a debt you owe, a consumer protection attorney can help you understand your rights under the law. They can help you negotiate repayment terms so that you can avoid declaring bankruptcy.

An attorney can also help fight for your rights if a creditor is harassing you or if they are trying to collect on a debt you do not owe. If you are being refused credit due to your gender or race, this is also something a consumer protection attorney can assist with.

Liability For Products

Liability for Products

If a product you purchased ended up injuring you or a member of your family, a consumer protection attorney could help you receive compensation. All products that consumers purchase have what’s known as an implied warranty. This means they must work as the company advertises them to, and they must be safe to use as long as the consumer does so as the product was intended.

Sometimes, manufacturing defects can cause injury to consumers. If the defects were because of negligence, you could be due a monetary settlement.

Lemon Laws

lemon law

Lemon laws are in place to allow consumers to receive a replacement or refund for a vehicle they purchased that has a major defect. In most cases, these defects are mechanical and are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Lemon laws state that if you sought a repair from a dealer multiple times without the defect being corrected, you could get a replacement vehicle at no cost to you. Vehicle manufacturers may fight you on this, though, as it would cost them money.

Different states have specific rules related to the lemon law, so it’s important to hire an experienced professional who knows how the particular laws apply to your situation.

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