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When Should You Speak to A Civil Appeals Lawyer?

Have you been charged in a court of law and have lost the case in the trial court? You can consider appealing the decision in an appellate court. An appeal is a court process that seeks to examine certain information that was presented in the case.

Though the appeal is not a new trial, it can be used to point out errors that were made during your trial. However, if you want to change the court of Appeal’s mind, you must have something special; this is because civil appeals are complex and unique and most of the time, appeal judges like to maintain the status quo. There is always a presumption that trial courts make the right decision.

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Make sure that you hire an appellate attorney who is not only skilled in appellate practice but also one who is very knowledgeable and experienced. These civil lawyers in PA, led by MR. Todd Mosser ESQ has an impeccable success record in civil litigation and will work with you for a favorable outcome. Don’t take too long, if you are in the Pennsylvania area, get in touch with the Mosser legal team and start getting yourself acquainted with the appeals process.

What Is An Appeal?

What Is An Appeal

An appeal happens when a person loses the case presented in the trial court and makes the decision to move to the appellate court to review the decision made by the trial court. You need to know that the appellate court will only ascertain if the trial court made a legal mistake during the trial and if this mistake determined the judgment of the case.

During the appeal, no new evidence and witnesses are introduced. The appellate court will only review the documents and see if there are any mistakes that happened during the original trial. The appellate court will only reverse the trial court’s decision if they prove beyond doubt that a legal mistake happened and this mistake determined the outcome of the case. Civil appeal cases range from fraud to insurance coverage, to personal injury, commercial litigation, and civil rights among others.

So, When Should You Speak To A Civil Appeal Lawyer?

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Ideally, you only have a maximum of 30 days from the day you were sentenced to file the notice of appeal in order to preserve your right to appeal. If you miss the deadline for filing, you will lose out on the opportunity to appeal regardless of how credible your grounds for appeal may be.

Most of the time, an appellate lawyer will get involved in your case after you have lost at the trial court. Don’t let any moment pass. Immediately, you receive your judgment, make arrangements and talk to the appellate lawyer who will represent you during the appeal. Remember, trial cases are very different from appeals.

Many experienced trial attorneys assume that since they were very skilled in the courtroom, their success will be similar in the appeal. However, this does not always work. This is why you need to engage a civil appeals lawyer right after your judgment so that he can begin the process of identifying potentially appealable issues. Also, having a fresh set of eyes looking into your trial can bring a fresh new perspective and open a new argument that can work in your favor.

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