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When Should You Hire a Train Accident Lawyer?

For a great many situations that you find yourself facing in life, there is a lawyer. For instance, if you commit a traffic violation, there is a traffic lawyer. If someone in your family dies, there is a probate lawyer. Being in a train accident is no different; you’d need to call a train accident lawyer.

Although accidents on the rails are very rare, they do still occasionally happen. When train accidents do occur there can be serious injuries and even fatalities. Very often, the accident will be the result of negligence.

Where there is negligence, a train accident attorney can help you. But what exactly does a railroad accident lawyer do, and when should you hire one?

Let’s take a look at when to hire a train accident lawyer.

If You’re the Victim of a Railroad Accident

If You’re the Victim of a Railroad Accident

If you were on a train that collided with another vehicle or derailed, then you will almost certainly have a case for compensation.

While a general personal injury lawyer may be able to help you with your case, a specialist train accident attorney will have a greater, in-depth knowledge of the railroad industry and the issues that surround this type of accident.

If You Were Injured at a Railroad Crossing

Train passengers are not the only people who are likely to get injured or killed as a result of a train accident. Drivers and pedestrians are also at risk.

The most common train accidents occur at railroad crossings. If there is a failure with the signals, lights, or barriers, this can lead to a collision occurring.

An accident of this nature could result in the injury or death of people on the train, in another vehicle, or even onlookers.

Where this is the case, there may be a claim of negligence that can be made.

If it can be proved that an accident could have been avoided if due care and attention were being paid, or if proper maintenance occurred, a train accident attorney may be able to help.

If You’re the Employee of a Railroad Company

If You’re the Employee of a Railroad Company

Of course, it’s not just commuter trains that could derail or crash. Freight trains make up a large percentage of rolling stock on the tracks.

When a freight train has an accident, there won’t be a risk to the lives of any passengers. There will, however, be a risk to the lives of railroad employees.

If you are employed by the negligent railroad company, a lawyer will be able to answer the question ‘when does FELA apply?’

Getting Help From a Train Accident Lawyer

As we’ve discussed, a train accident lawyer should be hired over a personal injury attorney as they’ll have the specialist knowledge to pursue justice in this type of case.

A railroad accident attorney can help passengers, employees, drivers, and passers-by to get the compensation they deserve.

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