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When Is the Right Time to Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in New Orleans?

Unfortunately, accidents happen and can happen at any time. In certain cases, the damage done by these incidents is enough to need the assistance of a lawyer specializing in personal injury law. It’s time to see a lawyer if you were hurt in an accident that was someone else’s fault. Get in touch with professional personal injury lawyers in New Orleans at to talk about your legal options if you’ve been hurt in New Orleans.

When Should You Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

When Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

A claims adjuster from your insurance company may get in touch with you in the days after an accident. It is vital to remember that the opposing party’s insurance adjuster is financially motivated to reach the lowest feasible settlement.

There is a chance that the insurance adjuster may try to downplay your injuries, place responsibility on you, or give you a cheap settlement in order to avoid paying for the damages. They can propose settling for far less than the case is truly worth. They know that once you accept the offer, there’s no way for you to negotiate for more money.

Keep in mind that the insurance adjuster may use any information you provide against you. Consult a personal injury lawyer before making any comments or signing any papers related to your accident.

When Injuries Were Caused By Medical Providers Or By Defective Products

You may count on a team of lawyers to vigorously defend their clients and their conduct whether your injuries were the consequence of medical malpractice or a harmful or faulty product. They probably won’t tell you the truth, leaving you with more questions than answers.

They will try to discredit you, prevent you from getting evidence that might help your case, and drag out the legal process so that you don’t get paid for your injuries for months or years after they happen. Having legal counsel to vigorously protect your rights is crucial in these scenarios.

When Accident Investigations Are Insufficient

Car accident

If you want to prove who is responsible for your injuries and how they happened, you’ll need to conduct a complete investigation of the accident. Regrettably, law enforcement and insurance agencies often have limited time and resources to devote to researching your claim.

As seasoned personal injury lawyers, we can look into the incident on our own and piece together what happened. We have the means to subpoena witnesses, acquire surveillance footage, and unearth concealed material critical to proving your case.

When Facing Permanent Disabilities

If your injuries are serious enough to affect your capacity to work and enjoy life, you should always see a personal injury attorney.

When someone else’s carelessness or negligence causes an accident that leaves you permanently disabled, whatever compensation you get must account for the cost of medical care and lost wages over the course of your lifetime.

While insurance settlements might help with short-term costs, they seldom cover long-term needs or make up for losses in quality of life.

An assertive personal injury attorney is your best bet for winning such recompense, whether via negotiation or litigation.

Before The Statute Of Limitations Runs Out In Your Case

Statute of Limitations

It takes time to investigate an accident, find out who could be responsible, then negotiate with insurance companies over a payment. The entire extent of your injuries and the existence of any permanent impairments may not become apparent for months or even years after the event.

To seek damages for an injury that was not your fault, you have one year from the date of the accident to bring a civil case under section 3492 in Louisiana. All negligence-based personal injury claims have a one-year statute of limitations.

If you want to be sure that there is enough time to investigate your accident and submit a claim, you should schedule a consultation with a professional personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following the event.

Schedule A Consultation With A NOLA Personal Injury Lawyer Today

In the event of an accident, whether at work or elsewhere, it is essential that you get fair compensation. Hiring the greatest personal injury lawyer is crucial for two reasons: (1) getting excellent representation in court and (2) showing the insurance company that you are concerned about your injury claim by showing that you have hired an experienced and expert attorney.

Seek the advice of a qualified New Orleans personal injury attorney right away if you or a loved one has been hurt due to the negligence of another person.

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