Background Screening Check
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What To Do When Your Candidate Fails A Background Screening Check

A recruiting agent is responsible for the employees who are hired and needs to make sure they have the required professional credentials, as well as a clean record. If you want to prevent disruptions in the workplace, fraud, or costly lawsuits, as an HR manager it’s your duty to run a thorough background screening.

Check out what needs to be done

Stay within the law

Always keep in mind that you need the written consent of the candidate to run a background screening check. Make sure the job description warrants such processes of conducting a police check australia for job applicants. Do remember that job seekers are not required to disclose information on past convictions if they consider they might ruin their chances of getting the job. Be tactful if you don’t want to be slapped with a discrimination lawsuit.

When you do decide to run a background check like a police check, it’s best to do it yourself and explain to your candidate you’re using an accredited online agency.

A prospective employee with something to hide might not be aware that an accredited agency has access to police records in all Australian states and territories and thinks he or she might get away with it if the crime was committed elsewhere. Also, remember that you can always verify a police check a candidate submits using the services of the same agency. This can generally be completed online.

What do you do if the job applicant has a criminal record

You have to be very careful how you use the information gathered from the national police check.

There are cases when the things that come up in a police check make the candidate unsuitable for the position. It is obvious that a criminal record may affect job opportunities. Someone with a history of drunk driving is obviously not someone you should hire as a driver.

However, if the charges that have been brought against that person are in no way relevant to the position he would occupy in your organisation, you have no grounds to reject his application.

Take, for instance, the case of someone with a conviction for mail fraud or domestic violence. If you were going to hire that individual as a driver, construction worker, IT guy or warehouse employee, a domestic violence conviction may be considered not relevant.

You might still not want to hire that person and this is quite understandable. In such cases, it’s better to find other reasons not to hire that candidate. Find something in his resume and use that as an excuse. It’s not nice, but it’s your responsibility to keep the rest of your employees safe.

When not sure what to do, discuss the problem openly with the job applicant and judge their reaction. Give him a chance to explain himself and try to assess their level of honesty. Sometimes people do change and deserve a second chance. If possible, hire the person on a temporary contract and see how it goes.

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