Getting a Work Visa
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What You Should Know About Getting a Work Visa

So, you want to chase your dreams of working in the US. Well, there are a wide variety of Visa options open to you. The options and the information related to them are too vast to be covered in a single article. However, despite the limitations imposed by the constraint of words, we shall try our very best. If you have a work visa, then you are a nonimmigrant in procedural parlance. A varied lot of professionals, skilled workers, and self-employed people fall under this classification. Having work visas means you don’t need further work permits to gain employment in the US. However, it is only a general rule of thumb and has its share of exceptions. You can get a green card or permanent residence in the US through a federal lottery or sponsorships by relatives or employers.

When it comes to getting work visas in the US, it is easier said than done. Indeed, as the immigration law firm par excellence points out, to live and earn legally in the US does pose a significant challenge. The challenge is primarily due to the present policy fluctuations and the need for detailed and immaculate documentation. The latter is necessary for even your temporary visa application to be processed. Further, a person seeking a work visa needs his employers to submit a petition where they vouch for you. And that is necessary before you even apply for a work visa.

Permanent Residence

Another aspect of staying in the US involves petitions- permanent residence. The actual visa requirements for permanent residence depending on whether your employer or a family member is petitioning for you. Another factor that will determine the application process steps you need to follow is your location while applying for the permanent residence visa, like mandatory medical exams.

Permanent Residence

The Green Card Lottery

There is indeed a way to bypass the whole petitioning process. Still, it involves luck, and you need to be lucky. This option presents itself as the green card lottery, officially referred to as The American Diversity Immigrant Visa program. People fortunate enough to get selected get the privilege of a permanent US visa. But the problem is that with several millions of people putting forth their hats in the free ring, actual success chances are pretty low.

What is the American Work Visa?

What is the American Work Visa

People can legally enter and gain employment in the US through a work visa. However, it is only valid for a temporary period, which will need to be spelled out in the visa or employment contract application. Another thing to note about this US visa type that it is in no way permanent or indefinite. Further, you need to fulfill an extensive requirement list and documents you need to submit to be eligible for the visa.

The Different Types Of Work Permits And Employment-Based Visas

Non-US citizens, whether they be skilled workers or highly qualified and specialized professionals, need employment visas to be able to gain employment in the US legally. Additionally, sometimes you require work permits as well you pursue professional careers in the US homeland. However, simply deciding on a particular visa to apply for would in itself not be of much help as you would first need the employer petition. The petition document that needs to be filed is referred to as Form I-129, and it involves a filing fee of $460.

Visas For Self-Employed Or Businessmen

Visas For Self-Employed Or Businessmen

As of now, the US is yet to offer a visa for self-employed workers or professionals. People in business can, however, indeed get a short-term business visa. The Type B visitor visa is meant for such people and will allow you to live in the US for at most six months. Subject to the country you belong to, another potential option for you is the Visa Waiver Program. Still, it is restricted to people of specific nationalities.

Types Of US Work Visas

The US is a vast, complex, and diverse country. The federal administration is only too well aware of this. It has made provisions for a large number of visa types to which non-citizens can apply. Some of these visa types include within their scope professionals belonging to a broad category. In contrast, others are more specific and are applicable for particular kinds of jobs and nationalities. Such professions and visa types are as follows:

  • Traders- E-1/2/3
  • Investors- E-2
  • Australian Residents With Special Occupations- E-3
  • Professionals with special occupations- H-1B
  • Registered nurses- H-1C
  • Agricultural workers- H-2A/B
  • Non-agricultural workers like those involved in hotel, food service, etc.- H-2B
  • Nonimmigrant trainees- H-3
  • Representatives of foreign media organizations- I
  • Intra-company transferees- L-1A/B:
  • Individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements- O
  • Athletes With Global recognition- P-1A
  • Entertainment groups – P-1B
  • Exchange program performers- P-2
  • Artists who are part of a culturally unique program – P-3
  • Cultural Exchange Visas- Q
  • Visas for Canadian and Mexican professionals- TN NAFTA

The US is indeed the land of dreams and freedom to billions of people around the world. It is hoped that this article will make you better informed in your pursuit of the dream in a professional capacity. Best of luck!

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