What You Should Do to Back Up Your Injury Claims
Halt | September 17, 2018 | 0 Comments

Help Your Lawyer Win: What You Should Do to Back Up Your Injury Claims

Your life will really be disrupted if you become an accident victim. Your injuries are going to be painful, some of them might even leave permanent damage. Not only that, recovery can be long and costly.

Things will be a bit easier if you have insurance that covers accidents. The money that you can get may cover some or all of your medical expenses. However insurance companies may refuse to pay in full for of a variety of reasons. Fortunately, US laws provide relief for victims like you during such cases.

First, you can sue the insurance company for the amount your are owed by the policy. Of course, you need the assistance of a good car accident attorney for this, because you can expect the insurance company to be hiring their own counsel. For the best representation, choose someone who is not only well-trained at a reputable university or college but also experienced in the field.

But the lawyer cannot act on his or her own. You have to cooperate in any way you can to keep the case moving forward. Outlined here are some tips that will help you be a valuable client for your lawyer.

Do not do anything that might aggravate your situation.

US laws hold the victims responsible for their full recovery from car accident injuries. This means that they should not do anything that might make matters worse for them.

What are examples of such actions? Going to work while still on the road to recovery can be an aggravating factor. It can put you under a level of stress that might hinder your body from healing effectively. In some cases, it might even open you up to other complications that might be more difficult to treat.

If your insurance company can show that any damage is “self-inflicted”, it may be used to discredit your other injuries.

Keep records of everything that you go through.

Shortly after your accident, your physician may run a number of tests on you. These tests will help them make the proper diagnosis. Make sure that you get copies of the test results. If possible, also ask the attending medical professional to include in the report a short explanation of why the test is necessary. This way, no further questions will be asked once the documents are submitted to the court.  

Once the reports are handed to you, make sure that you are able to keep them in a place that is safe. While you can always request for copies of medical records if you lose them, the process will surely be time-consuming as some healthcare providers are really slow when it comes to clerical aspects.

Limit your claims to treatments that you have records of.

When compensation is discussed, many people are easily tempted to blow the amount up. They might start talking about other bodily complaints, even if they are not in their official medical records.

Don’t follow their example. The courts are highly logical. For them, any sane person won’t choose to suffer in silence. If they feel that a bodily issue is serious enough to warrant compensation, they can be expected to present themselves to the doctors, have themselves checked, and keep copies of the check-up findings. Issues that are not on the medical record can be interpreted as issues that you chose to put up with, so no compensation is actually warranted.

Do not let the defendants poke holes on your arguments, never go beyond your records.


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