What You Need To Know About Student Rights Litigation
Halt | March 19, 2019 | 0 Comments

What You Need To Know About Student Rights Litigation

As students, you have the right to academic freedom, the right to self-expression and the right to feel safe and secure on the premises of the school. These rights, among many others are vital to the growth and well-being of everyone in the academic arena.

However, sometimes the students’ rights are pushed aside and neglected. This should never be the case, especially when the school is one of the places where the youth is being molded to become the best and most effective versions of themselves for the future of society.

In law, we have what’s called Student Rights Litigation. This is a particular and specific area of specialty that some lawyers and law firms practice.

These student rights stem from the wider and more specific right of every person called due process. Due process is embodied in our Federal Constitution which is specifically found in the Fifth Amendment. The Constitution says that “no one shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law”.

To put it simply, due process protects the rights of the citizens, in this case the students. This due process clause commands that everybody in all cases shall be given a chance to be heard and have an equal standing with regard to the strict rules of procedure.

Litigation takes place when the school, college or university fails to give the student complainant and student defendant a chance at a fair en banc trial. As a result, the fundamental right to due process of the students is violated.

In student rights litigation, the legal counsels deal with cases of grade appeals, probation appeals, on-campus bullying, drug possession, sexual abuse or harassment, discrimination, and many others.

If you, a family member or a friend have experienced a partial and unjust trial at school, the best thing to do is to make use of the services of a seasoned lawyer so that he or she can effectively defend you and your right as a student and as a citizen of the country.

In choosing a lawyer to represent you in court, make sure to pick a lawyer who has a long experience in litigation like Title IX Attorneys. Having lengthy experience gives the lawyer the advantage of having been exposed to the many complex and unusual circumstances of cases similar to yours.

Moreover, pick a lawyer based on expertise. A taxation lawyer and a student rights lawyer may both be lawyers in the eyes of the law, but they have a very different set of skills and experiences. Choose a lawyer who specializes in student rights litigation to increase your chances of winning the case.  However, there are situations when you don’t need to look for a decent lawyer to get the needed information. For example, if you are writing a law paper, you can just read up some samples and guides on the Pro-Papers.

If you do not know any student rights litigation lawyers in your area, consider asking your friends and relatives for good recommendations. If they know one, you can start from there, but do not limit your options just yet. The internet is a rich source of information about lawyers and law firms who you can consult with. Choose wisely because the skill and knowledge of the lawyer you hire is vital to your case.


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