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What to Look for in a Speeding Ticket Attorney

The average speeding ticket can cost you around $150 but in some states, they can go as high as $2,500. On top of the costs, you could get a penalty of points or strikes on your record that could cause you to lose your license. If you can’t afford to go through this, you might want to hire a speeding ticket attorney.

While this might seem like overkill, hiring a lawyer for a speeding ticket isn’t as crazy as it seems. Because traffic laws are fairly straightforward, most attorneys can juggle a number of speeding ticket cases along with their normal caseload. Hiring a lawyer could end up costing you a fraction of what your ticket would cost.

If you’re interested in finding ways to get out of your most recent speeding ticket, a speeding ticket attorney could be the answer to your prayers. Here are 5 things to look for when hiring your lawyer.

1. Check Their Experience

While you might have a friend or relative who practices law, if they don’t know the ins and outs of traffic laws, it could be a waste of time and money. A lawyer who advertises that their firm handles lots of cases related to driving and vehicles will know what to do.

This is one case where the more experience they have, the less pricey they might be.

2. Get Real Reviews

Checking their website might be a good place to start to get information about your attorney but you won’t get sincere reviews there. You’ll only see the best of the best. While a firm like Rocky Law Firm knows the law inside and out and proves it on their website, not every site does that.

Many lawyers are posted on Google and Yelp now, so look for some relevant reviews there.

Sites like Avvo also allow for reviews of attorneys.

3. Ask About Expected Outcomes

Ask if they realistically could get your penalty reduced or if they think you have a strong case. While some attorneys will be happy to take your case if the price is right, that doesn’t mean they think they can win. They should be able to list the options that you have for settling the ticket.

If there are any other conditions that could affect your outcome, be honest with your attorney.

4. They Should Prepare You

Your attorney should be able to prepare you for your ticket hearing. If they suggest things like taking a driving certification or any kind of refresher course, listen to them. A good attorney gives you ideas on how to make sure you look as good as possible when you step into the courtroom.

5. Check Their Price

Of course, you should be able to afford your attorney. Call around to a few different firms and see what they’re offering and compare it to what their expected outcomes are. If you find a lawyer you like but they’re not giving you the price you want, quote a cheaper attorney and see what they can do.

Your Speeding Ticket Attorney Needs To Fit You

You should feel a good rapport with your attorney immediately. If they’re ignoring your calls or hard to reach, you can assume they’ll be as flaky when it comes time to go to court. Make sure you feel listened to.

If you’re ready to find an attorney that fits your style, contact us for suggestions on getting the perfect fit.


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