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What To Look For In An Austin Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you or a loved one been injured by another person’s negligence during a truck accident in Texas?

More than 450,000 reported truck crashes occur in the United States each year. When you or a family member are the victim of one of these accidents, you need an attorney to represent your interests in the most effective way.

Read on to learn what to look for in an Austin truck accident lawyer!

Experience Handling Truck Accident Cases

Truck accidents encompass a unique area of the law which means hiring an experienced lawyer matters.

Compared to the average automobile accident, federal law governs how a trucking company must operate. This includes restricting drive time, sleep time, and maintenance of vehicles.

Your truck accident lawyer Austin TX should know these areas of the law well. He or she must also be aware of the latest changes in federal law and how they impact your claim.

Effective Representation Strategies

The attorney you choose to represent you should have a strategy for how to best represent your interests. This strategy should apply to representing you in and out of court.

Truck accident claims often start with a written demand to the other party. This letter is usually the first point of contact between you and the other side since the accident. In this demand letter, your attorney will state the factual basis for your claim. They will also include any medical records that support your damages.

If a case doesn’t resolve after sending a demand letter, you may need to file a lawsuit. Your attorney should speak to you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case based on the facts known at the time. Remember that as discovery is taken after truck accidents, new facts may come to light that change litigation strategy.

Regular Communication During the Process

Your Austin TX truck accident lawyer has a professional obligation to maintain reasonable communication with you as a client during representation.

Many lawyers off a free consultation with a prospective client before beginning representation. During your consultation, you should get a feel for how that lawyer will speak to you and provide updates during your case. What is the primary method of communication between their office and you? How will they make sure you receive updates so that you know where your case stands?

Setting these expectations before representation begins will help you pick the best lawyer for your needs.

Wrapping Up: Hire an Austin Truck Accident Lawyer

Finding the best Austin truck accident lawyer for your case takes time and effort on you part.

By speaking with a few different lawyers in the greater Austin area, you will have peace of mind that you retain the best lawyer for your case. Are you interested in learning other tips and tricks to put to each day?

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