What to look for in a great personal injury lawyer?
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What to look for in a great personal injury lawyer?

Were you in an accident? Have you suffered multiple injuries? Are you missing work and losing money? It is understandable that all you want right now is to feel better and get back on your feet, but what you need right now is an excellent personal injury lawyer. It is not difficult to find one.

Personal injury law in New York State can be more than a little complicated for the novice person. Getting the compensation you deserve from the liable party and filing the claim with your insurance provider can be challenging. It is a tedious process unless you have a local attorney firm in Buffalo, New York, helping you with the paperwork.

Before proceeding any further, you should find an exclusive personal injury lawyer. Here’s what you need to do to find one –

Look for an attorney who takes cases to trial when necessary

Many attorneys believe in settling matters outside the court only. If you do that, you might lose out on considerable money. You might not even receive the sum your physical injuries, and emotional trauma deserves. Check with the firm if they have a history of taking cases to trial instead of settling for a pittance.

Find lawyers with a history of successful personal injury cases

You should only work with winners. In court, a confident attorney can determine which direction your case will proceed. It is imperative to know that your lawyers will get the best possible settlement or verdict for you. Get top rated Buffalo personal injury attorneys at the O’Brien and Ford Law Firm, with a proven history of winning personal injury lawsuits.

Check the attorney’s credentials and memberships

Every registered attorney should be a member of the national and state bar associations. Furthermore, they should be parts of other prestigious groups. You might find advertisements of accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys on billboards near the highway, but there is no guarantee that the person behind the advert actually has the credentials he or she claims to have. Therefore, dig deep and visit online forums to confirm the qualifications, certifications, and memberships of the attorney you plan to hire.

Only select attorneys, who specialize in personal injury law

Law has several categories. A good lawyer does not have expertise in every field. When you have a potential personal injury lawsuit in hand, you should only look at attorneys with extensive experience in the field of personal injury. Since a person is least likely to see a gynecologist with a headache, it makes little sense to visit a divorce lawyer with a personal injury case. Some attorneys also have a list of clientele you can check online or speak to, to learn more about his or her claimed services.

While these tips should help you find an excellent personal injury attorney, you should not neglect their online reviews. The client reviews can help you find out more than you can from personal interviews with each legal professional.


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