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What to Expect From a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for bankruptcy is daunting without hiring the services of a bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy lawyer offers a free initial consultation to analyze whether or not declaring bankruptcy is needed. Sometimes, you have alternate options available and do not need to file for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you determine the right course of action if your debts have become unmanageable for you.

Do I need a bankruptcy lawyer?

Bankruptcy law

Usually, a bankruptcy lawyer is required in cases where you are unsure about the route you must take to get rid of the debt that has accumulated over time. Even though you can represent yourself before a bankruptcy court, hiring a bankruptcy attorney can increase your chances of successfully obtaining a bankruptcy discharge order. The reason for this is simple. An expert bankruptcy lawyer can handle your case better than anyone else. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and have landed in one of the situations below, you’ll need a bankruptcy lawyer.

1. The creditors and lenders won’t leave you alone

Of course, the creditors make the situation worse for a debtor when debt repayment becomes hard for them. If you are in this situation, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer will ensure you don’t have to directly talk to your creditors anymore. This job shifts to your bankruptcy attorney, who negotiates and communicates with your creditors.

 2. Self-representation in a bankruptcy court is not an option

If you lack the legal know-how to represent yourself in your case before the bankruptcy judge, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer must be the priority. This is especially true for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

 3. You can’t decide which alternative option is available or best for you

Sometimes you don’t need to file for bankruptcy, and alternative options are available. If you can’t decide which option is most suitable for your needs, you will need a consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer who can assist you.

How to find a bankruptcy lawyer?

There are many bankruptcy lawyers in Florida, but finding the most suitable one for you is challenging — especially when it’s a new endeavor for you. We at Attorney Debt Fighters make sure we understand your situation at an individual level — to help you get out of your debt trap with minimal or no loss of your assets. We pride ourselves on providing good and reputable bankruptcy attorneys to our clients. Here are general tips on how you can find a bankruptcy lawyer.

  • Ask your friends, colleagues, family, and relatives for recommendations.
  • Search the internet to explore different law firms that deal with bankruptcy law. You will find some potential candidates on the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys as well.
  • If you are from Florida, you should check the Florida Bar Association for lawyers who are practicing bankruptcy law. If you’re from any other State, you can always check with your State’s own Bar Association.
  • You can also use a referral service to contact a bankruptcy lawyer.

5 Signs You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Recommendations on how to find a personal injury lawyer

As discussed before, the starting point to find a good personal injury lawyer would be to ask your close friends, coworkers, relatives, and family members for suggestions. If you know someone who has experienced a similar situation as you, they surely know some good personal injury lawyers to recommend them to you. That being said, here are some tips you can use to find a good personal injury lawyer for you.

 1. Internet is your best friend

The internet and browsers have made it easier for people to find people who are offering services of all kinds. Just typing the words like “personal injury lawyers near me” will land you on several web pages of law firms and individual lawyers who are offering their services as personal injury lawyers. The web pages also have testimonials about success stories of clients who have previously availed of the services of these personal injury lawyers. It can help you get a perspective of how good a personal injury lawyer is before you decide to call them.

 2. Arrange a consultation before making a decision

Don’t make a hasty decision, and hire a personal injury lawyer right away. Book a consultation with the potential candidate first. Meet them personally to discuss;

  • How much experience do they have in personal injury cases?
  • What is their success rate?
  • What are their fees and general expenses for filing a personal injury case?
  • What are their qualifications and educational background?
  • What can they say about the outcome of your case?
  • What can you do to reduce the costs of the case? Is there anything you can do on your own?
  • What is their opinion about the timeframe of getting your case finalized? How much time will it take?
  • What is their availability for future consultations and recommendations?
  • What do they need to get the case started?

Answers to such questions are important in helping you determine which personal injury lawyer can assist you the best. You should interview more than one lawyer to get an overview.

 3. Hire the personal injury lawyer you can get along with

Banks Can Freeze Your Accounts in Bankruptcy

It is a long road — you will not want to be with a legal representative who is harsh, rude, or arrogant or someone you can’t get along with. Always make sure you hire someone down-to-earth and cool-tempered.

Final word

Whether it is about filing for bankruptcy or a personal injury case, you will need a specialist in these fields to boost your chances of winning in court. Only an expert bankruptcy lawyer or personal injury lawyer can help you with strategies on how they will handle your case. Bankruptcy is a scary thought for anyone, and a bankruptcy lawyer can tell you whether or not you need to file for bankruptcy. Some alternative options are debt consolidation, renegotiations with lenders, savings, etc. You can use some of these options in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but there are always other options for Chapter 7 bankruptcy too.

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