Involved in a Hit and Run Accident
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What to Do When Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

Perhaps you’re taking a slow casual walk along the street in your home as you head to the grocery store to grab a few supplies. Suddenly, all you remember was a loud noise, and you landed sprawling on the ground. Before you think of anything else, the car swerves suddenly, and the driver flees the scene without making any communication.

Then you feel a sudden pain in your left hip, and you wonder the next best action to take. Hit and run accidents are a constant feature across the globe. In some instances, the response after the incident influences the outcome in the quest for justice. It translates to immediate behavior which will help in finding the culprit and getting adequate compensation. Therefore, if such a scenario happens, here’s what you need to do.

Remain Calm

After such an incident, it is advisable to remain calm for mental clarity. You may develop fear and worry, which is a normal scenario. Nevertheless, it helps you remain objective to make the best decisions. Additionally, do not attempt to leave the scene.

Sometimes, you may feel like chasing after the driver to confront them for the accident. However, restrain yourself and wait for assistance.

Medical Evaluation

No matter how trivial you feel the injuries are, it is crucial to get a medical assessment. Call for 911 immediately for medical personnel to attend to you. Additionally, do not attempt to move unless you are physically okay.

The personnel will treat you for any injuries you have sustained. If they are severe, further medical evaluation is essential. Your safety and health as an injured pedestrian should always come first in such an incident. It is also advisable to keep copies of all the medical treatments you undergo after the incident. They will help your lawyer in claiming compensation.

After such an incident, you may have post-traumatic stress disorder which can affect you a great deal. Therefore, please consult a professional counselor to address any fears you might have before it leads to depression. It is also advisable to attend all your medical appointments and physical therapy schedules if applicable to help you regain your mobility and functionality.

Record Details and Witnesses

Recreating the accident scene will help you when pursuing such a case. For instance, you can record the registration number of the vehicle if you saw it. Even when you had a partial glimpse, it can help in the investigation. Additionally, you can also record the vehicle model, make, and color too.

If you saw the appearance of the driver, you should also indicate it, which will help the police in finding the culprit. Writing all the details down will help you eliminate the possibility of forgetting any aspect when injured as a pedestrian by another driver. Furthermore, if any potential witnesses saw the accident, it is advisable to get their official names and contact for reaching them quickly when the need arises to corroborate your story.

Also, remember to take photos of the clothes you are wearing at the time of the incident and capture the effects following the hit and run.

Call the Police

Ensure you call the police before leaving the scene. Upon the officers’ arrival, give them the details you remember for further investigation. You can also take photos of the scene, which will help in building your case. Also, get a copy of the police report.

Also, remember to report on the exact location and timing of the accident. You should also include the current traffic conditions at the time of the accident and check if there are any security cameras that would back up your story. You should also report the direction the driver fled.

Contact Your Lawyer

When you fall victim in such a circumstance, you deserve compensation for the harm inflicted by the reckless driver. A professional lawyer will take you through on the best legal action to take against negligent drivers.

Think of the convenience of receiving quality legal representation, getting compensation, then paying your lawyer afterward. Additionally, a reliable and dependable lawyer will help you avoid the risk of settling for unreasonable compensation.

When Involved in a Hit and Run Accident

The compensation will include medical costs in treating your injuries. It covers any current and even future expenses for your treatment procedures. Additionally, if you have permanent incapacitation, your lawyer will help you advocate for better compensation for loss of income.

It addresses the limitation you may face to resume your job after the injury. Furthermore, it will also address any mental torture and anguish that occur as a result of the injury. In such a scenario, the law makes it easier by advocating against negligence as an excuse for the accident.

Plus, don’t forget to keep the clothes you wore at the time of the incident. Proper capture of the details will help police identify the reckless hit and run driver.

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