After a Car Crash
Halt | December 31, 2020 | 0 Comments

What To Do Immediately After A Car Crash

If you’ve ever been in a car crash, you understand the shock and fear that comes immediately after. While your first instinct may be to panic, it’s important to keep a level head and take the necessary steps needed to recover from this devastation. After analyzing your injuries and seeking appropriate medical attention, here are a few steps you need to take to ensure you’re back on the road again quickly and safely.

File a Report

The first step after a car accident is to seek medical attention if the accident was severe. Your health and safety comes first. After you’ve assessed the situation and you’re safe, the next step is to immediately file a report. In most scenarios, a police officer will be called to the scene of the accident to assist. However, even if you were in a simple fender bender, you should still file a report with the police department. It will protect you to have the accident on record if further issues should arise with your vehicle or your health.

This is different than filing a claim with your insurance company, which should also be done in a timely manner after the accident.

Exchange Insurance and Contact Info

You should also exchange information with the other driver(s) involved in the crash and submit that along with the report, as well as any other evidence you’ve gathered at the scene. This ensures that you are able to contact them in the future if problems occur. Your car may seem fine now, but if down the road you find issues caused by the accident, you should be able to reach out to the drive at fault and hold them responsible for the repairs needed. This also applies to any medical expenses you may incur following the accident. Just because your back doesn’t hurt after the accident, doesn’t mean you won’t wake up sore the next morning, and if the accident was not your fault, those expenses shouldn’t be your responsibility.

Take Note

While you’re at the scene of the accident, take notes and extensive photographs of the incident so you have all the proof you need to defend yourself, should the other party or parties involved try to claim they are not liable. This includes all of your memories of how the accident occurred from your point of view, and these should be submitted along with the report you file with the police.

Call a Legal Professional

If you find yourself in a situation where you are the victim in a car crash, it’s important to reach out to a car accident attorney near Scranton or wherever you are located. You deserve compensation for the damages, including any emotional damage, medical bills, car repairs, and more. Only a trained professional can argue effectively for you in court should the case progress that far, and you will be grateful you have an experienced attorney on your side during this difficult process.

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