Slip and Fall
Halt | November 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

What to Do If You Slip and Fall While Shopping

It’s that time of year again when we head to the malls to do our Christmas shopping, granted this year will be different because of the pandemic and social distancing, but never-the-less a lot of us will be out shopping. The last thing anyone ever wants is to slip and fall at this time of year when everything and everyone is manic during silly season. Thousands of shoppers are injured during the festive season every year, below are the steps you need to take if you slip and fall while you’re shopping this year.

Seek Medical Attention

It is vital that you seek medical attention immediately if you slip and fall. The store-owner should be the one contacting emergency services for assistance but in case they do not, you need to make sure that someone calls for help on your behalf. You may not think your injury is that serious in that exact moment but often the adrenaline surge after being injured can mask the severity of it. Make sure you are assessed by a medical professional, such as a paramedic, as soon as possible.

Gather Evidence

Identify the cause of your fall. It is important to know if the store-owner or their staff were negligent and caused the fall to happen by their lack of action or from them taking the wrong action. Whatever the cause is, you need to be able to tell your Slip and Fall Lawyers what it was. You then need to document the incident as much as possible, get statements from any possible witnesses, take photos of your surroundings and what caused you to slip and fall. Request the store security surveillance footage from the manager if you can, this will go a long way in proving liability.

File a Report

Personal injury claims rely heavily on the evidence to back them up so make sure to document as much as you can. Most retailers will require you to complete a Slip and Fall Form anyway, or some kind of a report for the store. Make sure you read the questions very carefully. If possible, try and have someone other than a staff member assist you with completing it. It is important that you only answer the questions that pertain to the facts surrounding your incident; most stores will try and make sure that these forms work in their favour only. They will also try and resolve the incident there and then, do not let them bully you into saying anything that could be used against you during the process or in court afterwards (if it comes down to that). You need to make sure you receive a copy of the report so it cannot be tampered with after the fact.

The most important thing to do this festive season is to keep your wits about you, don’t go looking for an accident to occur but should you slip and fall, make sure to remember the above tips. You never know when you, or somebody you know, will need them.