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What to Do After a Truck Accident

You have just been involved in a truck accident. You are scared, perhaps even injured, and do not know what to do. How you behave as soon as you get into an accident with a truck is very important and will determine what happens later on. So, if you want to know how to handle a truck accident and what you have to do immediately after such an accident, then keep on reading this article. 

Here are the five things to do:

1. Do Not Leave the Premise

It is vital not to leave the accident scene. All the people involved in the accident must remain there until the authorities come. On top of that, you want to make sure that the vehicles remain in their initial position. Only after the accident scene has been thoroughly examined by the police, will you be able to move the vehicles. 

2. Call the Emergency Service 

The second thing you have to do immediately after the accident is to call the emergency service. You can do that by dialing the universal number 9-1-1. They will be able to send a medical team to check on the possible victims and will also send a police patrol to help examine the accident scene, to gather witnesses, and to write a report. 

3. Document the Accident

While waiting for help, and if your health allows you to, start documenting the accident yourself. You can do that by exchanging information with the truck driver. Find out what is the company he is working for, what his license number is, what his insurance company is, and so on. 

Taking photos of the accident scene is also a must. Capture everything from the vehicle’s condition, to the road with its signs, to any other things which might seem important. Take videos as well or use your device to record any audio conversations that might take place in the meantime. Exchanging information with the witnesses is also very important. Make sure to get their testimony recorded. The sooner you do it, the fresher it will be in their memory and thus more elaborated. 

4, Carefully Choose Your Words

You know what they say, “Anything you say can and will be used against you,” You want to make sure that you do not rush into making any statements, especially when talking to the insurance adjuster of the other party. Do not give them any definitive statements before consulting with a lawyer first. 

5. Hire an Attorney

The last, but certainly not the last thing you want to do after a truck accident, is to hire a lawyer. Have him or her look over your case and decide how to proceed in your future actions. Their knowledge and help are unbeatable if you decide that you want to against the at-fault truck driver in court. 

To sum everything up, dealing with truck accident cases is both physically and mentally strenuous, but knowing what to do immediately after the accident has taken place can make a whole lot of difference in the outcome.


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