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What Steps Should I Take After A Car Accident?

You know that car accident are very common. After all, you seem to see one almost every day. What you don’t expect is to be involved in one yourself. But it happens, and, as you are driving along minding your own business, you may suddenly find yourself in the middle of one. You may also discover that your car was damaged and that you have been injured. It may pay to read on to find out more about the steps you need to take after a car accident so that you may be prepared in the event it happens.

Steps To Take After A Car Accident

Get Yourself To Safety

If you find yourself injured in the middle of a busy road after a car accident, move over to the side. You do not want to risk further injuries. Also, don’t inspect the damage to your car then since you can be hit again. If you are injured or you can see that the other driver is injured, call 911. Get medical help as soon as possible.

Call The Police

Can Someone Sue for a Car Accident If Have Insurance

Calling the police is not optional. You need them there to issue a report of the accident, which will come in handy when you have to file a claim with your insurance or against the other driver if they are at fault.

It is also very important to have a police report in cases where the other driver is drunk, if it was a hit-and-run, or if the crash was the result of negligence by the other driver.

Make An Account Of The Accident

In cases of hit-and-run accidents, write down what you remember. If you were able to see the make and model of the car or its license plates, write them down. If the accident happened because someone ran a red light, write that down as well. Make a note of anything that might have contributed to what happened such as an oil spill, puddles of water, or tree branches that obstructed the view.

Exchange Information With The Other Driver

Get the other driver’s information. Find out if they are the car’s owners or to whom it belongs. Write down the make, model, license plate, driver’s license number, and insurance information as well.

Collect Evidence

Ruin Your Car Accident Claim

If there are witnesses to the accident, get their testimonies as well as their information, should you need to call on them later. Take out your phone and document the scene. Make videos of the cars, the street signs around, the condition of the road, and anything else that may be relevant. Make sure to record with sound to capture the other driver’s voice, for example, in case it sounds slurred.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company needs to know what happened. Call them following the accident because they will want to review your claim, the extent of the injuries and damages, and who was at fault. They will also want to confirm that you are getting medical attention.

Talk To A Personal Injury Lawyer

Need a Lawyer

If you are facing difficulties or have received a low offer from your insurance, a personal injury lawyer can help. Also, in cases where there is negligence involved and you were not at fault. Click this URL to find out more about how a personal injury attorney can help.

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