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What Services Do Employment Lawyers Offer?

We live in a time where—more than ever—both workers and employers enjoy the protection of their rights under the law. On the other hand, there are still plenty of situations where you may have to do more to have that protection or to get what is due to you. This is where employment lawyers come in.

In Western Australia, employment lawyers typically offer a number of important services to both employees and businesses alike. The types of services they offer typically include—but are not limited to—the ones below:

1.) Termination of employment

The period before and after an employee termination can be extremely critical. Businesses and employees involved in these situations are strongly advised to find lawyers specialising in labour and employment laws as soon as a termination is imminent to ensure that their legal rights are properly protected.

2.) Employee contract reviews and entitlements

Many employee contracts place unreasonable burdens, and some employers may offer unfair entitlements. Employees and those about to sign employee contracts are highly encouraged to have their contracts reviewed by qualified lawyers. Businesses are also advised to have legal professionals draft their contracts to ensure that all relevant labour and employment laws are complied with.

3.) Discrimination, harassment, and bullying cases

These cases are very difficult for the victims. Taking the services of lawyers can go a long way into ensuring that they can enjoy the protection given to them by both the Federal Government’s Fair Work Act as well as the other laws where the Australian Human Rights Commission could take action. If you are based in Western Australia, employment lawyers should be able to help you pursue protection under relevant state laws as well.

4.) Legal counsel for businesses

Businesses need lawyers not just for labour and harassment cases, but also for myriad other legal issues as well, including those covering safety and assistance during organisational restructuring, among many others.

5.) Legal counsel for contractors

Contractors are by far some of the least protected workers in Australia today. Contractors should seriously consider taking the services of lawyers to not only better protect their rights, but also to further increase the legitimacy of their practice. Specialised legal professionals can not only advise contractors of their rights, but they can also help improve their current business practices. This can all help contractors achieve a better, more stable income.

6.) Performance appraisal and management

Performance appraisals are a common cause of contention between management and employees. Employees must seek the advice of lawyers if they feel that they have been given unfair treatment during an appraisal. Likewise, businesses should hire legal professionals to ensure that their performance and appraisal processes are all transparent and in compliance with existing laws.

These are just some of the situations where the services of experienced employment lawyers can be useful. If you’re in Western Australia and find that you need the services mentioned, be sure to call the employment lawyers Perth residents and businesses trust.


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