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What Makes a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

Coming out of an injury is tough. It’s true, accidents happen, and we don’t expect them, but they can be extremely devastating. That’s why if an accident happens to you due to negligence, it’s important to file a claim.

That way, you can get compensated for your money and time. To file a claim, you need a good lawyer by your side. That way you can ensure that justice is served. But how can you make sure that the lawyer you hire is a good personal injury lawyer?

Here are aspects to look for

1) Experience

A good lawyer has good experience and expertise. It starts with how well they know the law and how they’re well-acquainted with personal injury law. Their experience will be the tool to have the law on your side when settling. They must also have courtroom experience as well. If they don’t, the insurance company will take advantage of that and give you a settlement amount far less than the amount you deserve. That’s because they know that your lawyer won’t take it as far as to go to court.

2) Honesty

You will know if your lawyer is honest from the first time you consult them. If they oversell themselves, saying it’s an easy victory, that means they’re not honest. According to the lawyers at, no lawyer can tell you right away how much your case is worth. That’s because each case is unique and requires a thorough assessment. Look for lawyers in your local area that can be honest with you about your case.

3) Commitment

You want a lawyer who is on your side. If you feel like your lawyer doesn’t have your best interest in mind, maybe you should consult another. Your lawyer should understand that you went through a lot of pain because of your injury. They should be seeking justice for you as much as you’re seeking it. It shouldn’t feel like it’s just ‘business’ for them. They should be compassionate and committed.

4) Time

When you first go consulting your lawyer, take note of who you meet and who will be handling your case. Some lawyers will have you meet their paralegal, assistant or secretary. If your lawyer can’t take the time to meet you in person, maybe they don’t have the time for your case. Similarly, if you have any questions or concerns, they should take the time to answer them. Moreover, they should give you insights into how the case is going and update you as soon as possible.

5) Negotiation Skills

Does your lawyer have adequate skills to go to court? Not everyone has the social skills to negotiate and stand strong in court. Can they tell your story in a compelling fashion? It shows when they communicate with you- but if you’re not sure, attend one of their court sessions. Or if they have videos, watch them while they plead their cases and you be the judge!

6) Resourcefulness

In any kind of case, evidence plays a crucial role. A good lawyer will go to the ends of the earth just to collect evidence that helps your case. They will get your medical records– which isn’t always easy to do because not all hospitals keep and give away medical records.

Personal Injury Lawyer

However, paralegals may be of help to get all the records and bills. They will collect the police report as well, and talk to all witnesses, if there are any. They will even go to the crime scene to gather more evidence and assess the accident.

7) Reputation

Your lawyer should be well-respected by his peers, even if they’re opponents. They should speak well of your lawyer and talk about his expertise and good manners. Respect means he is a good lawyer who wins cases, but fair and square. They can work well with opposing attorneys no matter what the case. You can find if your lawyer is good through national publication where lawyers and judges list and identify the best lawyers. Not any lawyer can be named in these publications, they have to earn it.

We made this list so you wouldn’t waste your time with a bad lawyer. They can sabotage your case and invalidate your claim. That applies to an inexperienced lawyer who doesn’t know much about personal law injury.  Or lawyers who oversell themselves when they still haven’t learned enough to assess your case. If your lawyer doesn’t have time or commitment for your case, they won’t work hard enough to win it. Finally, a good personal injury lawyer is well-known among other lawyers and other judges.

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