What Is the Leading Cause of Car Accidents in the United States
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What Is the Leading Cause of Car Accidents in the United States?

Every year, over 37,000 people succumb to road accidents in the United States. A further 2.35 million sustain injuries, some permanent.

Whether you’re a motorist or a pedestrian, these numbers are enough to send a chill down your spine. Every time you hit the road there’s a chance you could be involved in a serious accident.

This leads to the question: what are the leading of causes of car accidents in the United States? The more you know about this cause, the more you’re able to protect yourself while on out on the read.

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Distracted Driving Is the Leading Cause of Car Accidents

You probably thought drunk driving is the cause of most cost car accidents in the country. Or over speeding.

Well, surprise!

Distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents. The National Safety Council reports that distracted driving is responsible for 25 percent of all vehicle crashes every year. This translates to at least 9 deaths every day and thousands of injuries.

What Causes Distracted Driving?

Take a walk through your local town or city and you won’t fail to see at least a handful of distracted drivers. So, just why is distracted driving so rampant?

Mobile Phones and Car Infotainment Systems

At a time when a whopping 96 percent of Americans own a cell phone, it’s not easy to see why these devices are wreaking havoc on our roads. We want to stay connected with our loved ones and friends, which means most drivers are inclined to pick a phone call or check a message when driving.

Smartphones and social media have made distracted driving even more rampant. Drivers want to peep at their social notifications as soon as they come, even when they know it’s not safe to do so.

Modern cars have sophisticated infotainment systems. While these systems add to the joys of motoring, they are an unnecessary distraction. Taking a second or two to turn on or adjust something is enough to cause a deadly crash.

Food and Drinks

You have at least passed by the coffee shop to grab some takeaway latte before driving home for the evening. Guilty or not guilty?

If guilty, you likely drank some of the latte in the car while driving, in which case you engaged in distracted driving. You might have gotten to your destination safely, but that doesn’t mean it’s a safe thing to do.


Younger drivers, especially teens, are more prone to distracted driving than older drivers. Perhaps it’s the driving inexperience that causes young drivers to engage in distracted driving or perhaps it’s their “dare to do” attitude.

Whatever it is, 58 percent of all teen car crashes are due to distracted driving.

Get Car Accident Help

If you were involved in a car accident, knowing when to talk to a car accident lawyer can make a big difference, especially if you weren’t at fault. Your lawyer will help determine whether the cause of the accident was distracted driving or another cause, either of which you’ll be eligible for compensation.

Avoid Distracted Driving, Arrive Alive

Avoiding being a victim of the leading cause of car accidents is simple, really. Ensure all your focus is on driving. Taking your eyes off the road for a few seconds might seem reasonable to you, but you may never live to tell the tale.

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