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What is SR22 Insurance and How to Get it Done

Anyone you stop in the street at any given time will tell you that something they own is insured. They have an insurance policy and belongings are protected. This has become the norm. And driver’s insurance is no different.

What is Insurance?

It is a way to protect ourselves from a loss financially, and a safety net as it were in the event something unpredictable happened.

This article will help clear up the information when it comes to understanding insurance and all its components. It can also help you check and see if your policy is up to scratch in the fine print.

Why do we need an Insurance Policy?

Having some form of insurance shows, you are in control and taking charge of managing potential risks in the future. You buy your safety in advance and ensure a roof over your family’s head. You are thinking smart.

Different sectors within insurance policies can be used for taking out a financial plan for your family should anything, touch wood, ever had to happen to you and they have to survive without you. A life policy essentially helps with monthly installments if it came to it.

Having a plan in place and for the future can give you stress-free nights. Knowing you are taking care of your family and you have things covered can bring much peace.

Types of Insurance Policies

  • Life Insurance. You will need this cover if you have people who are dependent on you financially.
  • Disability Insurance. For in case you were in an accident and became disabled in some way, you would be covered with help and medical aid.
  • Health Insurance. Help cover any medical bills, surgeries or appointments.
  • Auto Insurance. For unfortunate accidents no matter whose fault it is.

Regular Insurance vs SR22 Insurance

Well, your standard policy is the cover you have taken out for home vehicle or health management. The usual factors that you expect to be covered when taking out your policy, and then some added as you purchase items and the family grows.

The SR22 cover is essentially still the same insurance cover, but for vehicle offenders. This certificate is a way of monitoring your driving behaviors by the state. It is an add on to your existing insurance policy.

If you are looking to or needing an SR22 policy certificate, have a chat with these guys, SR22 Insurance California, they are professional, reliable and happy to help in all situations. Make sure you are aware that having an SR22 means you will pay more for your monthly car insurance than normal.

Cost of SR22

SR22 insurance cost depending on the state you’re in, they vary in cost ranging from $15 – $25 to file the form. 

You cannot get an SR22 without first having car insurance in place.

insuranceHow long do you Have the SR22?

There is a silver lining to having this certificate, you don’t need to have it forever. They are usually required for 1-5 years depending on the state and the offense. Make sure you know the expiry of the certificate because if you cancel or your car insurance runs out, the state will be notified and you will be liable for penalties. 

Once you have completed the period in needing to have an SR22, the offense is deleted from your records and you will be eligible to pay the standard insurance premiums rates again.

3 Reasons why you might need an SR22

  • DUI. Either driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated.
  • Collision. You were in an accident; it was your fault and you had no insurance.
  • Paperwork. Tickets have been handed to you like business cards in a short period.

It’s tough trying to figure out all the terminology and jargon when discussing insurance. If you watch this guide on simplified insurance courses and jot down some notes, you won’t be lost in space when it comes to understanding what’s going on.

I honestly don’t understand half the words on our policy, and I’m hoping my other half knows the rest, so together we can read the full document. But what I do know is that if something were to happen, we have it covered.

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