Premises Liability Lawyer
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What Is Premises Liability Lawyer

The very first question that comes to your mind after hearing the term “Premises Liability Lawyer” is that what it is? And how is it any different from a regular attorney? Before we could address that we should take a look at what premises Liability is?

As defined by the law, premises Liability is an accident of different forms that might occur to you on a specific premise or a Location where you reside or simply visiting upon invitation, due to hostile Environment or Negligence by the owner, caretaker or contractor.

The Definition is pretty vague and it can be expanded in order to understand it. Speaking in general terms, any injury both of physical or emotional nature, that you might endure on someone else’s land because of their Negligence or hostile environment is subjected to Premises liability.

There can be different sorts of injuries and sufferings. The common form or injuries includes physical wound on the body due to a fall, a head wound in result of a falling material, rash on the body due to inhabitable living environment, hearing Loss because of noisy environment or Stress. It also extends to the property as well, if your property is damaged due to the Negligence or improper arrangements by the Land lord then, this too is also subjected to Premises Liability as it has occurred on his property. The property damages include car stolen, trespassing, Burglary and theft.

The list of Hostile Environment is also very diverse, Hostilities can include Dangerous Environment for living, this can include water or oil spills, uneven pavements, cracked sidewalks or Damaged stairways. Furthermore, lack of security arrangements and loss of property because of those lack of appropriations also fall under the jurisdiction of Premises liability because a Land owner is entitled to provide these facilities while providing the living space to the inhabitants. 

It might be worth noticing that not in all scenarios shall an owner be held responsible for damages to a visitor. Given a situation where someone might have crossed the premises’’ boundary line without authorization or if someone had trespassed the property and ended up hurting himself or herself is not subjected to file a lawsuit for damages under the Premises Liability. On the Contrary the Owner is entitled to file a law suit against the trespasser for illegal break-in or trespassing, that too is also covered by the premises Liability and is or can be handled by a premises Liability Lawyer.

This was a little introduction to what Premises liability is, how do you suffer these liabilities and how the land lord or Owner is responsible for these sufferings. Now we must get to the important part of our discussion that is, what is a Premises Liability Lawyer? 

What is a premises Liability Lawyer?

A premises Liability Lawyer is also like a regular attorney with one exception that his/her expertise lie in the Personal Injury (Liability) lawsuits. A premises Liability lawyer deals with the lawsuits that include such situations as mentioned above. If someone who is a tenant or living in a community and if he/she has been suffering such inhumane living environment where their health of both body and brain is constantly in jeopardy then He or she can hire a Premises Liability Lawyer to consult about legal proceedings and a possible lawsuit.

The Lawyers at Accident Lawyers firm have an extensive experience in this field. The attorney at Accident Lawyers Form can be consulted or hired by the one who have been affected by such hostilities and negligence by his or her owner. Our Lawyers have the all-important experience in matter of Personal Injury Lawsuits and resources at the back to put forward the best possible version of your case.

It might be worth noticing and as mentioned above, it’s not only the tenants or the visitors who can file a lawsuit but it can also be the owner. If there is a trespass or someone break into the premise without authorization then he or she is no longer in position to file a lawsuit, better still if the owner wants to pursue the breaker then our Attorneys can provide assistance in that situation too.

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