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What Is Family Law? Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever imagined life without the law? If you try, you’d only see chaos, madness, and total mayhem. It wouldn’t be your average, happy society but a brutal survival of the fittest scene. In other words, the world would be a daunting place to live in.

Law is like a heart that keeps society running. That’s why we have laws for everything; business, property, finance, crime, and family.

And here’s everything you need to know about family law!

What Is Family Law?

how to become a family lawyer

Family law deals with the legal side of family matters. When things get ugly, family law helps people deal with relationship breakdowns (divorce, separation), property and financial issues, parenting (child custody, adoption), and other family matters.

Whenever blood relations are involved in a dispute, it becomes an emotionally challenging and financially complex matter. The sensitive nature of such issues requires them to be handled by trained and experienced family lawyers.

A good family lawyer is someone who listens empathetically, helps you move on from tough times, and gives you honest (and sound) advice to resolve the matter effectively and efficiently.

Hiring the best lawyers is already very pricey, and extra bills for additional calls, printing, and postage become added hassles. This is where Unified Lawyers stand out because they stick purely to hourly rates and don’t charge you for minor printing, posting, or additional short calls.

Why Do People Need A Family Lawyer?

You might be wondering why you would need a lawyer to sort things out with your family members. Well, life is not always jokes and laughter; it’s unexpected and sometimes, your relationship with your family can take ugly turns, which can lead to stress, heartbreak, and confusion.

When matters like property settlement, child custody, and spouse maintenance arise, a power (and ego) struggle may ensue between you and your family members. In such cases, you not only need a lawyer to understand your legal rights but also to get out of the situation unharmed.

So here a few instances where you might find yourself in need of a family lawyer:


Family Law and Divorce

Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage and a huge psychological and financial challenge. You lose your partner, you have to fight for your child’s custody or visiting time, and you have to settle the property as well – all of this is too much to handle!

Whether husband or wife, it’s a loss for both parties, and they need to make sure their rights are protected and each gets what they are entitled to as per the law.

With so many factors involved, a family lawyer helps you get a deal that’s acceptable to both you and your spouse, making sure you stay protected from any legal action taken in bad faith.

Separation In A De Facto Relationship

A de facto relationship is between two people who are not married but live together as a couple. When two partners from such a relationship call it quits, things are dealt with differently than a divorce.

The distribution of assets and support rights of either partner depends upon how long the relationship had lasted, whether they had a child together, and some additional factors.

Again, this is something a family lawyer understands best, which allows him to carry you through the process professionally.

Financial Settlement & Spouse Support

Besides child support and custody, the division of marital assets and spousal support decisions are two significant aspects of a divorce and can lead to long, ugly legal battles.

With their lives turning upside down, bank accounts slowly draining, and peace of mind continuously lost, the parties soon find themselves in turmoil. However, it is not until they take a step back, reflect on it for a moment, and realize that choosing the right man for this job could have made things easier.

A highly skilled family lawyer helps speed up the separation process by trying to settle it outside the court, saving you tons of money and your precious time.

Child Custody

most important factors in child custody

One of the biggest factors behind conflict and prolonged divorce processes is the issue of child custody.

Both spouses try to get the decision in their favor and lose their money and sleep in the process. Also, you can’t ignore the mental trauma that the child goes through during all of this.

In this scenario, a family lawyer is not only important for the couple but can also make a massive impact on the child’s mental health by ensuring the process goes as quickly as possible.

Child Support

The Child Support Agency evaluates the child support payments.  Spouses often find this evaluation unfair and appeal to reevaluate the child support amount.

This is a rather difficult task and takes the experience of a veteran family lawyer to file an appeal and convince the agency to turn the decision around in either party’s favor.

Finally, family law also deals with prenuptial agreements and grandparents’ rights and resolves disputes pertaining to separation in a same-sex marriage.

Most family lawyers offer free consultation calls or meetings. If you find yourself in a consultation, make the most of it and ask them the right questions. Try to get information about their education, experience, success rate, and whether or not they have represented a similar client in the past.

Remember, a family lawyer with the right knowledge and expertise will make you win the case! And when it comes to family cases, getting justice can make a major difference in people’s lives!

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