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What Is An Appeal Attorney & Why Would You Need One?

When you are dealing with any legal action, you may lose a case that you believe you should have won. You must work with an appeals attorney who will help you protect yourself and your family or money. The tips below explain what an appeal attorney does when you want to extend the legal process beyond a lower court decision.

What Is An Appeal?

You can appeal any decision you want. Your attorney will collect all the information that is needed, and they will file an appeal with the court. If you contact Jacksonville appeal attorneys Johnson & Lufrano, they can assess your case. The appeal will be filed if your attorney thinks that you have enough evidence. Your attorney needs to argue your case in court, and they must schedule a court date.

Can An Appeal Reverse An Earlier Decision?

An appeal can reverse a decision made by a lower court. your lawyer will tell you which court must hear the case, and you will learn about the chain of command in the federal court system. An appeal might overturn part of a case’s decision, but the appeal might not overturn everything about that decision.

How Far Can You Go?

You can go all the way to the Supreme Court if they will hear the case, but most cases go to a lower federal court. There is a circuit court of appeals that will hear your case, and the government can send your case through the chain of command when needed. You should ask your lawyer how far they believe you can take the case, and you must ask your lawyer to be honest with you. Some cases can go a long way, but other cases will not.

Will You Need To Testify?

When your case is appealed, you may need to repeat the court experience from the first trial. Your lawyer needs to examine you, and you must be cross-examined by the attorney for the other side. You must be prepared to spend time in court, and you should ask your lawyer how long they think a court case will last. Your lawyer cannot ethically give you a timeline for a court case, but they can let you know what they think will happen.

Can You Settle Your Case?

Your lawyer may want to settle your case to get a resolution that is good for everyone involved. You may go back to settlement talks, or the court might tell you to settle your case outside of court. Your lawyer can work out an agreement with the other side, or you might need to negotiate because the court does not want to hear your case.

You Should Consult With A Lawyer As Soon As Possible

You should consult with your lawyer as soon as possible when you lose a case. You might want to consult with a lawyer because you believe certain pieces of evidence were not revealed in court. You should ask your lawyer to let you know how quickly they can file an appeal, and you can come to a resolution as quickly as possible. Your lawyer needs time to prepare, and you can hire a new lawyer to argue your case when it goes to the appeals court.


You can use the tips above to ensure that you get the justice you deserve. You can continue to appeal the court’s decision if you need to, and you will find that the court reviews everything in an appeal. The decision could change, and you will feel much better knowing that you can state your case again.

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