Injured at work
Halt | December 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

What Happens If I Get Injured At Work?

No one wants to get injured. An injury can have long term impacts on your health and mobility. And being injured at work can be especially stressful. What are the protocols? Who was at fault? Can you get time off?

Getting injured at work is never an easy process to deal with. It’s an employer’s worst nightmare. However, there are several steps in place to make the situation as straight forward as possible.

Here are some of them

Workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation is a program that provides medical care, disability benefits and lost wages in the event of an accident, injury or illness at work. It’s available even if you were at fault, although there are several exceptions to this such as drug or alcohol use at the time of the accident – it all depends on the specific situation in question and the laws of your location. Workers’ compensation varies between states, but in New Jersey it’s an insurance that all employers are required to carry. If you’ve been injured at work and want more information on workers’ compensation, contact a Fort Lee Workers’ Compensation Lawyer.

HR support

Every business, no matter how big or small, should employ a HR team or individual. HR staff are responsible for dealing with employee life, and therefore it’s important to speak to your HR team about your injury as soon as possible. HR exists to help you and ensure that you are treated fairly. So, you should be able to have open and honest conversations with HR staff and feel assured that they’re doing everything they can to support you. If you’re worried that HR aren’t following the correct protocols, you may need to speak to someone higher up in the company.

Workplace safety

If your injury has occurred due to a lack of safety in the workplace, it’s important to flag this with your employer. And, if your employer doesn’t respond to your claims, you might need to speak to your union or a lawyer. All employers are responsible for making sure their work environment follows health and safety protocols, so don’t let it slide. The safety of your colleagues could be on the line. It’s much better to take action before something goes wrong, to prevent this.

Flexible working

Once your injury has been seen to by a medical professional and you start to recover, you will need to think about the future of your working situation. Certain injuries, for example, might mean that you can’t perform your job in the same way. This often applies to those working in construction or other manual labor. Office workers might also require flexible working, especially in the transitional period. Your HR team might be able to arrange a flexible working pattern that allows you to work remotely or change your hours. It’s worth considering, as you’ll need to allow yourself enough time to rest and recuperate while your body is healing.

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